Climbing Out-Part 2

Would we not consider that if we create a pathway out of the pit with our calm and rational minds, that we could use it over and over again?  Anyone can come up with a few tricks and find their way out of the pit, but often will just fall back in again.  The 'pit' has become part of who we are and that is why we choose to live there.  Yes, believe it or not, we are 'choosing to stay there, not because we have to, but because it is where our feelings of stability lie.

We don't even realize that our 'ego' has made us believe that we need the darkness to survive.  We are stuck in the pit of despair of our own making.  So if it of our own making, can we unmake it as well?  There is no simple answer to this, but of course we can!  Can we find our way out of the pit and stay there?  Absolutely!

We already know that a  calm mind and body will give us the first major foothold to climbing out.  With a cool and rational mindset we will make better choices and decisions for ourselves, this part is not in question.  The next step takes a little more work or may feel somewhat uncomfortable, but that is why we need to start from a peaceful state of being.  We need to start experiences our senses and feelings in relation to our thoughts.

No matter how calm we feel, when we are in the pit there are numerous negative thoughts that will continue to try and keep us down.  If the negative thinking were not there we would not be in the pit in the first place.  We need to identify what the negative thoughts are so we can more forward and add another foothold.

Start with simple questions of yourselves in order to take control of the negative thoughts.  Ask how you are going to get out the pit and identify the feeling that comes with it.  The thought could come with anxiety or depressed feelings and we need to learn how to identify and differentiate them.  Anxiety will provide us with worry or fear of some impending future possibility, whereas depressive thoughts will drive you to more negative thoughts and feelings of sadness.

If I am feeling anxiety then I need to find out what my worry is.  If I am feeling depression I need to identify what past event is causing the negative reaction.  So what is my next foothold that will create a pathway out of the pit?   It is taking a modicum of control over my thinking so that I can begin rationalizing information in a positive way.  If we reason things logically then we are starting to control our thinking rather than allowing it to control us.

Taking control of our thinking forces us to react more closely with our feelings, and this is tough to do.  The feelings we are experiencing are what keeps us down in the first place.  The feelings and emotions are in reaction to learned thought processes and need to be altered.  If we ask ourselves a simple question and get a fearful feeling, we need to sort out why it is causing us fear.

Start to take control of your thinking because it will make you more mindful of the present moment. Taking control of your thinking will provide you with the next foothold on your path out of the pit of despair.  This will work every time you fall back down, because we will fall down a few times before being successful.  The important part is to keep getting back up because it is for you!

Every time you hit the rock bottom you can start your journey back out by using the same pathway.  First you will want to find as much calmness and peace as you can muster up.  Then we will work on taking control of negative thinking.  Ask deep questions or things that interest you, and force your thinking to positive things if need be.  Once we can rationalize and direct our thoughts, we are well on our way to developing a plan and path.

How are thoughts relate to our feelings and emotions will be the next foothold.  We need to change our thinking in order to change how we feel about things.  It will also help us to get better at controlling our thinking.  We are two steps out the pit and hope is growing!

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