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Raping Mother Earth
The Earth, or Mother Earth as some like to call her, has given us all of the gifts we require to continue good human existence.  Yet we continue to rape her daily and think very little of it.  We should all be ashamed of ourselves in one way or another in this regard.  She gives and gives and most of human kind takes and take while giving nothing or very little in return.
If nothing else, every one of us has thrown out "garbage" with no thought of reuse.  Do we all just believe it will just disappear if we just close our eyes and pretend it is gone?
We need to start treating Mother Earth as a living and breathing being because, get this people. SHE IS.  Would you rape a woman on the streets daily and turn away with no shame?  We are all doing this every day.  Now please understand this next comment as it really is the most important part of what i write here today.
If Mother Earth dies, so do we.  Scary stuff huh?  Stop pretending it is not there or that is will go away on its own.  It will not.  We live in a throw away world full of imbalance and excess.  If you can tell me that you don't think we will destroy our own existence in the very near future, then you have your head stuck in the sand like most people on this planet and should feel ashamed of yourself.
I apologize for any I may offend during my writings here as I am searching for real and logical truths and sometimes the truth offends.  I am sorry for that but the truth must be told and I must tell what I know.
We are raping, pillaging, and devouring everything on our own planet like a world full of locusts and most actually believe that living this way can last forever.  I would like to say that we are just dooming our own existence on this planet, but i must now say that it is doomed without help.  There is no return from our lives of excess as everyone wants more and more.
This is called greed and it has taken hold of our society.  We are all addicted to these things(fossil fuels being the worst in my opinion) and we always want more of them.  Could we stop using and abusing Mother Earth?  I believe without help we can not.  So what exactly does this mean?  The logical conclusion is that without help we are on a rapid decent into destroying ourselves.
So if we are to not destroy ourselves we require help.  This is the search for what we all think of as the ultimate answer I guess.  The meaning of life and all the crap that goes with this ultimate search.
There are two possible conclusions that now comes from this.  We will destroy ourselves or we will get help.  If we are to get help then we must ask ourselves where that help would come from.
This is where things get a little juicier.  If you are a religious person then the answer is easy when asking where they would look to, God.  If you are not religious and believe in evolution then the answer too is simple.  We must fix our own problem or it will all be over.
I am hoping that enough people will read this, and everything else i am about to write over the next few weeks, and help me make a difference.  People always say that one person can make a difference and I am going to damn well try.  I believe with using collective logic we can answer some of the questions that have plagued mankind for as long as we can remember.
I finish this blog today and ask anyone who reads this to think about Mother Earth as your own mother(or someone you truly revere) as a person and treat her better.  Some believe one can not make a difference in this world be he/she can gather enough logical thinkers to change the whole world.  Make logical choices and join my team and the answers will be ours.

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