Prime Law

Supposedly there is a 3000 year old secret called Prime Law.  Below is the explanation of the Prime Law.  I will try to work through this today and simplify it even further than it already is.  Let's find out if it is the perfect law as some will state.  The first one is simple and needs no further reason for its purpose.  I think it may still have a hole or two in its logic but I will contemplate further and reveal answers later.
Prime Law
*The purpose of human life is to prosper and live happily.
*The function of government is to provide the conditions that let individuals fulfill that purpose.
*The Prime Law guarantees those conditions by forbidding the use of initiatory force, fraud, or coercion by any person or group against any individual, property, or contract.
Article 1
No person, group of persons, or government shall initiate force, threat of force, or fraud against any individual’s self, property, or contract.
Article 2
Force is morally-and-legally justified only for protection from those who violate Article 1.
Article 3
No exceptions shall exist for Articles 1 and 2.
This is an excellent Law, but it is not perfect.  The first thing missing is this statement: All humans are created equal.
We are all to be "created" equal.  Without equality, power begins corruption.  Equal does not mean the same though.  We are created equal but everyone has a different genetic make up.  Since we have differing genetic make up, we will make different choices, be different people, and obviously look different.
The mistake made within this law, is giving the government power.  Have we ever seen a time where power has not led to corruption?  Even if we have, past occurrences in history show us that that is exactly what it leads to.  Once you attempt to govern with the Prime Law and give power to the government, you may as well hand them all crowns because they will be making decisions as a king or queen of old would make.
Therefore all humans must be created equal and remain equal for that law to work.  It is not some magic spell that has been held back from us for 3000 years, as some will have you believe.  It is a law that was written to obtain logical reason without holes.  The Law would be perfect if it had no holes in its logic.
The New World Order,(click the link for a Wikipedia explanation) believes that we should have one government to rule the world, as well as removing religion from our world.  The Prime Law would be the main law for this.  If they are to use such laws to rule the world, they must first perfect the law.  It must be simple so that every person can understand and live happily within that law.
This would bring us back to the rule of king and queen, one government to rule them all.(Sounds like Lord of the Rings, "one ring to rule them all"). This 3000 year old secret is not as special as some would have you believe.  It is a well written law, but leaves to0 many things open to question still.
There are more answers to be had, and I hope to help lead you to some of them in the coming days and weeks.  I will write more on this and maybe we can hone that law into a world changing idea that is good for all, and not just for some.  Keep everyone happy and prosperous and they will be happy and prosperous.  Things really could be that simple if we all shared the world rather than trying to own it.
We believe that things are supposed to more confusing and that we need to be geniuses to figure things out.  Look for the simple answers and decide whether they are right or wrong.  If us regular people can't understand the law, how are we expected to follow it properly.  Also, if laws don't make sense, how can a person follow it in good faith?
The Law above certainly makes sense.  Whether it can be followed in good faith, is another problem.  Who does it truly protect?
Prime Law is a circular logic which could protect everyone as well as providing a much better community for all.  Prime Law within a community of people is almost perfect, but would require an equal voice from all.  One imbalance in control or power could cause it to topple.
I have explained free will and freedom of thought in previous articles, and this law matches the same process.  Within Prime Law, we do not have free will which we do not have anyhow.  We have freedom of thought and that works perfectly with the law.  We can think anything we want, we just can't do anything we want.
That is still freedom but not in the way many think it should be.  If we had a society with 7 billion people who all have the ability to do anything they want without consequence, that would be free will.  Free will would quickly lead to chaos once again.  Give every person free thought and make that equal for all, you will have a free society but still open to chaos.
Control is needed for every one of us or freedom of thought turns to free will, and ultimately chaos.  Everyone needs to share in the same freedom of thought.  With freedom of thought comes responsibility though and that is where simple laws need to be used, not thick books filled with loophole laws.
Create a community and use Prime Law together, and a peaceful, happy and prosperous community can easily be created.  Beware though, if you give the Prime Law to one person or a small group of persons, it can be used to attain ultimate power,  Once power and control shift, the simple ways of freedom will be slowly controlled by another's perception of what is right for you.

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