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I went through my own personal database of websites I have used in the past for my own research. Each one of the links below will help you to get started in learning about these disorders and help you to increase your mental health literacy levels.  I suggest you look at several sources when searching out information on the internet since we all know that there is an abundance of bad information out there as well.  If you can find similar information on several sites, there is a good chance that the information is good.

Mental health disorders are an ongoing learning experience for everyone, including mental health professionals and researchers.  I just know that if you begin learning about your own disorder, or about a disorder that someone close to you may have, that your increased education in that area will help you to deal with the issues in a much better way.  Most of these sites have self help strategies or links to them.  These sites are not here to help you diagnose yourself, they are here to help you improve yourself and your quality of life.

There are sites such as which help to provide you with a simple assessment but only use these sites as a starting point.  These are simple assessment tools that help to set you on the right path to learning and finding the professional help you may require.  There are experienced and well educated professionals and paraprofessionals out there who can give you a much greater understanding of mental health disorders.

I don't promote or endore any of the information you will find below, but I can tell you that I have used them in my own research and I was able to find some excellent information in increasing my own mental health literacy levels.  I hope they will help you as well!  I wish for good mental health for us all!

Copy and paste any of these links into your address bar:

Anxiety Disorders/Social Anxiety

Depression/Depressive Disorder

Mood Disorders,P00759/

Psychological Abuse/Emotional Abuse

Panic Disorders

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