Climbing Out-Part 3 'Think' to 'Feel' Better

I have slowed down in my writing over the past week due to health issues.  Every once in a while I go through physical relapses that sap all of my strength, and I am unable to complete simple tasks that I would normally do.  It is quite frustrating because my inner drive wants to do things, but my physical abilities are almost non-existent.  This is the plight of invisible illnesses.

We often get pegged as lazy or unmotivated, and all this does is make the situation worse.  On top of that, others attempt to comfort and tell us everything will be okay.  Although I am able to stay mentally strong for the most part, it is almost impossible to fight the negative symptoms, and keep a positive attitude.  I am thankful that I have spent years fighting my anxieties and staving,off major depressive states, because it has given me the resiliency to make it through the relapses.

I am developing 'Climbing Out' as I work my way back out of my own pit.  I can see the path like many others can, but taking the steps required are especially difficult when our physical state of being is not accommodating us.  Our sensory feelings and overwhelmed emotional states keep our physical being down, while also pulling our mental state down with it.  This is where the challenge of our past struggles give us the ability to strengthen our resolve.  Every day we struggle, the more we can endure.

For me, it creates a fog in my brain.  When I am suffering a relapse it is difficult to focus on things I would normally do because the symptoms keep dragging me backwards.  Mentally I continue to push forward each time until something improves.  I am able to control my anxieties for the most part and use them as fuel to find some forward movement.  My body continues to tell me what 'i can't do', while I constantly remind myself what 'i can do'.

When we are in a 'down' state of being, it is simple to focus on what we can't do.  This is why I start 'Climbing Out' by getting better control of our minds first.  We can learn to control our thoughts and create a positive attitude, but we can't control our feelings, we can only affect them with our thoughts.  So if we want to 'feel' better, we need to think better first.  I may not be able to do much physically at the moment, but I can spend time trying to improve my thinking.

I can see my barriers so i will come up with solutions to overcome them.  I will use a 'can do' attitude and see where it goes over the next few days.  I have been practicing the first two steps of mindfulness and taking control of my thinking, so now I can start forcing better thinking processes.  I can only assume that better thinking will lead to stronger mental health, and better mental health will lead to a more balanced body.

Every time we fall down, we can start with these steps to climb back out again.  I hope you will see the results of my attitude change over the next few days as I try to take the third foothold in my journey out of the pit.  I want to show how these steps can be used by anyone who is stuck in the pit as well.  This process takes time and determination, but because it our health we are talking about, it is worth all of the effort.

If you are having a difficult time trying to determine which voice to listen to inside your head, try screaming at yourself quietly.  Observe where logical reason is coming from and which voice is providing solutions.  If your body is suffering, it will likely be forcing negative thinking into your mind, so listen to the voice that is trying to be reasonable.

Use that voice to find solutions to your inner issues, and work on having a 'can do' attitude.   Taking these three steps will help you to 'feel' better, and to have better control over your emotional states.  As we begin to feel better our strength will increase.  As our strength increases the next steps will become more natural and effortless.

Again, practice these steps until you can do them easily.  They will help us gain the initial footholds to pull ourselves back out of the pit each time we fall.  What can't we do?  Control our feelings and physical illnesses.  What can we do?  Improve and better control our thinking processes.  Improve our thinking processes and we improve our overall state of being. `

Building perseverance comes from this process and will be the next step.  Use solutions and a 'can do' attitude and build on your strengths a little at a time.  The more we work at this, the quicker we will be able to see the top of the pit again.  Seeing the top of the pit provides hope and can re-energize our inner resolve.  Don't stay stuck at the bottom of the pit anymore.  Take on the challenge and reap the rewards!

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