Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Time To Create Action

I have obviously not written in a while, but thought i would share a quick note today.  I have been focusing my time on music and song writing, and have little energy left to type on my keyboard at the end of the day.  The results of my practice are excellent, and are moving my plans forward to sharing my knowledge on the streets this coming spring. 

I share this to let you know that good things can come out of psychological abuse, but it is certainly hard to see those things when our minds are trapped in the darkness created by narcissists and sociopaths in our world.  The fun part is truly starting now for me, and the healing is almost complete.  After more than 2 years!!

Now that I have dealt with my resentment issues directed towards my abuser, I am finding so much more peace than I ever have in my life.  I learned much, but the lessons were definitely not easy.  I will be taking my new skills to the streets soon and fighting back against our local systems in a positive way.  I do have certain targets who have lessons to learn, and I can't help but look forward to this part of it, and it also reminds me that all of my resentment is not completely eradicated or I would still get feelings of delight at the thoughts of retribution.

Either way, all I have to do is continue to grow and be ME, and the fruits of my labours will spring up all around me.  It is happening all around me as I re-engage the world.  For those who still creep my blog and social media to check up on me, I am offering a friendly reminder that I am still here, and you will all be hearing a lot more about me in the coming months.

 I have enjoyed many of the rumours being shared about me too, they give me something to chuckle about from time to time.  Especially when I likely started half of them just to identify who would share them freely.  I do appreciate you identifying yourselves so I have a better idea of who to watch out for in my future journey.

I look forward to seeing many of you in the coming months, because whether the experience is good or bad for you, it will be growth for both of us.  I just get the feeling I will enjoy it much more than they will.

Know thy enemy, but know them without judgment if you truly want to be prepared!

Namaste and good day