Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Music: Healing From Narcissist Abuse

As we heal from any sort of abuse, we need to find positive things to focus on to pull us out of the toxic mind.  One of the things I do is write about things that have caused me pain, and share details in an empathetic way in order to help others who are trying to solve similar issues.  I like to write about my abuser/s and share some of their antics from a different perspective, a reflective and more objective one. 

I call the behaviours of a narcissist antics, because it helps me to look at it in a more comical light, even though there is little humour in the abuse of a narcissist.  The humourous perspective can help to ease any fears we have still within us.  I have been forming and writing a little about the satire I spoke of in past articles, and i will soon have a couple of the first ones ready.  

I am writing the first one in regards to the 'supply' a narcissist requires to maintain their ego illusion.  They need their supply like an alcoholic needs a drink.  That is why I have used a play on words in regards to my own narc abuser to create the main character of my satire.  The name I have come up with is quite funny to me, but i won't share it yet because it is very similar to the name of the person I speak about in many of my articles.

My other positive distraction is music.  I play a guitar well and do my best to sing along. I have written quite a few original songs over the past few months and will slowly be putting them up on my You Tube channel at Rational Rhythms, in case you want to see the person behind these words.  As I look for balance within myself, and continue to remove the last residual effects of my abuse, I use music writing as my main positive outlet.  

Although many of the songs I write are about positive things, I have a couple that I will share eventually in regards to the evil of narcissists.  One of them is called 'The Evil Narcissist in Sturgeon Falls, it is a bluesy rock song with a little anger behind the words.  I am hoping it will be quite effective in helping to expose her 'behind doors' behaviours.

If there are other article topics you would like to see, please email or comment.  I will try not to get too distracted from writing here and will attempt to write several each week. 

Be Well and have a wonderful day!!