Thursday, September 21, 2017

When Empaths Become Narcissists

On my own deep search for inner peace, I have faced many barriers within, but none greater than the psychological abuse I have suffered over the years at the hands of beings with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). In stating that, I will share that I am nearing the end of my journey to inner peace, yet I still hit the same barrier over and over as I search for my new purpose in this life.

Now at the point of complete exhaustion, after decades of physical suffering followed by emotional suffering, I have decided to make my final barriers my sole purpose moving forward.  It is time to fight the narcissists of the world before they turn too many good souls to the 'dark side'.

After relationships both personal and professional where I spent an abundance of time with NPD beings, and after years of study on the topic, including an adult stint in college in the field of mental health, I have seen the other side of the mind, and it is not a pretty sight.  As someone who is a naturally empathic being, I know what it is like to be preyed on by narcissistic evil, and I would have preferred years of physical torture to what I have suffered.

Unfortunately, due to physical issues starting in my teens, I got to have both, and I would still take the physical anguish over the past 3 decades over the emotional and psychological abuse I suffered at the hands of what I consider truly evil beings.  People with NPD or sociopathic tendencies have no remorse or guilt, and cannot experience empathy at all.  Sure, they can act as though they do, and do it very very well, but if you take the time to see the real person, you will find the most evil yet charming person you have ever met.

I also know that spending months or years with a narcissist can turn an Empath into one as well.  This is the most horrifying thing I am seeing in the world right now.  Good empathic people become so exhausted through the 'roller coaster' ride created by the narc that they eventually give up or give in. I am seeing too many of them give in and not only have them diminishing their own self worth, they increase their self loathing by becoming enablers of bad behaviors simply because they no longer have the strength left to fight any more.

What I have learned is that one who has suffered the abuse of a narc usually has to walk away for a while in order to heal, in all circumstances I have researched, and let me tell you, there are thousands of stories like mine out there.  I also learned that the only way to fight a narc is to expose their behaviors to the general public.  This is very difficult because they are usually very proficient at marketing themselves to the world around them as good natured, caring people.

The best way to help others in this regard is to educate them, and that is what I am hoping to do here.  As a very strong-willed and often stubborn individual, I am not easily swayed by others, but i do know what it is like to start taking on the qualities of a narcissist, and the changes are subtle and well controlled by the narc.  The more time they have with you, the more control they will have over you.  Walking away at that point is the only option if you want to save yourself, and remain on the 'light side'.

I walked away from a very proficient narc about a year and half ago and it took almost that much time to heal from the effects.  Now that I have my self worth and confidence back, I believe it is time to take on this fight that I call the Empaths versus the Narcissists.  Empaths, I guarantee you will suffer guilt for all the bad shit you do on behalf of the narc, but they will continue to 'love bomb' you as often as they need to in order to keep you off balance, and them in control.

I am hoping i have enough focus back to write more often right now and I will do my best to continue informing you about narcs and how to not only spot them, but how to protect yourself from them.  I am more than happy to take on the fight against them and to expose as much about them as I possibly can, but I also understand that if you are currently suffering the effects of the abuse, you will be much too exhausted to do so yourself.\

At this point I say this to all of you empathic beings out there, if you believe you are suffering from the effects of being around narcs, get out now!!!!!!!!!!!! It only gets worse, no matter how many promises they make to you.  There is no cure for NPD, and although these people are truly sick mentally, you do not have to give them your sympathy.  Don't let them abuse you any further, because you will hit a point where you will want to give up, and I am hoping to reach you before then.

Are you an Empath?  Are you good natured, honest, compassionate and kind?  If you are, you are likely being preyed upon, or have been preyed upon by a narc.  Remember, these people do not change, they only get worse.  Remember this when they are love bombing you and taking you to the top of the roller coaster again!  It always comes back down!!

Be well my friends