Monday, July 3, 2017

Awakened ones, Wake Up Please!

I am writing this on my phone so please excuse errors in writing and format. I do my daily searches and keep an eye on the Awakened Ones through social media and other sources.  I am apalled by what I am seeing at the moment.
I feel like a parent scolding my children, yet I think this is what I must do.  You are engaging in frivolous arguments on awakening sites and acting like you know everything.  This is pure ego and it must cease immediately if you want to truly attain the goals you have been given.  If you believe you are special or some lightworker/empath, which is causing to want to help by sharing what you know, stop! 
Your job is to gain the wisdom from what you have learned, so that you can lead by example. If you are trying to explain your knowledge to unawakened beings, you are on the wrong track. Once you have implemented your new knowledge, then you can teach. Lead by example!
I understand that this is the more difficult path, and I understand that I will lose many readers with this approach,  but someone must say something. You must truly understand the information you have downloaded if you want to truly wake up. You have been given an opportunity to be some sort of lightworker, but you have a long way to go yet!
I started a Facebook page called awakening answers the other day. 5 followers..woohoo. I am not looking for attention at all, I want to help. I reached out to another seasoned awakened being who I observed making profound and wise statements over a period of time on social media sites. We will help however we can, but will only tell you what you Need to hear, not what you Want to hear.
If you have questions about all of this we will do what we cannot help.  We don't have all of the answers or crazy theories of ascension and such, but will provide honest help from experience and wisdom. We also hope to find other fully awakened beings to help out eventually.
Start educating yourself and learning the knowledge you have been given.  Make it a part of yourself so you are an intelligent warrior when needed.  Please stop trying to educate others until you truly know. You are just frustrating them and pushing them away. And oh yeah, stop arguing with people, it is all ego and once you see it you will feel foolish.
Namaste and be well all