Saturday, July 1, 2017

Awakening Can Be Hard On Relationships

A common complaint I read about in Awakening communities is that awakened people are having a hard time relating to non-awakened beings.  I can tell you this is one of the most difficult parts to go through during the process towards enlightenment and self-actualization.  For many, they will seem crazy to their friends and family as the mind expands and the self takes over.

Up until now, newly awakened beings have been using their egos to interact with the egos of other beings.  Once you recognize your ego and false self, you begin to see it in others as well.  Your distaste for your ego will come out when you see the same traits in others.  This is why it is so difficult to deal with those close to us at this stage.  Their ego is trying to interact with yours, but because you are in the process of dissolving your ego, your self often interacts, and our egos want control of everything.

Once you begin observing the ego in others, your frustration level with them will rise and you will likely see more conflict with those close to you.  Although this can be a troublesome time in the process, it benefits you in two ways: you will learn to better control your 'self', and you will find out who your true friends and family are.  They are the ones that stick with you no matter how crazy you may seem at the time.

We are opened up to a plethora of information in a very short time, and our self's urge to help others explodes, so we try to explain all of the new information to anyone who will listen.  Remember that you are talking to ego most of the time, and it will reject most of the information you are sharing because it does not want to be recognized as the false self. My first suggestion is to work on self reflection as much as possible at this stage, while enjoying solitude when you can find it, so that you can recharge and process.

It is also a common complaint that awakened ones are losing everyone around them and that they are feeling alone.   My second suggestion is similar to the first, but add in some one-on-one time with yourself and learn to be the best of friends.  When you love yourself you are never lonely, even when you are alone.

If you are experiencing some of this or have a family member that has these types of symptoms, it will pass.  Some take longer than others, but the goal is the same, and one way or another this process ends.

For the awakened ones, observe everything and say little. You will be happier and so will all of the egos you are surrounded by(hopefully keeping your relationships stable during this time). If you have been feeling alone I will say this, I believe you will begin finding others around you soon who are having similar experiences and thoughts.

Every human will go through this process during this evolutionary awakening, so we must be patient, because everyone is suffering through their own path, and every path is different. The coolest part is that they all end in the same place, with differing results i expect.
If we can't love ourselves then how can we expect to love others.  It is your goal right now.
Be well and stay safe

Friday, June 30, 2017

Are You Ego-Driven or Self-Driven, and Are You Awake?

Have you ever tried to discover what truly drives you?  What inner force is it that pushes me through each day, creating actions and solving problems?  It can often be difficult to determine the source of this power we hold, but cannot deny its existence!

So if we know it is there, why is it so difficult to identify clearly? It begins with quieting both the mind and the body so that we can get to the actual source of who we are.  The world is chaotic and distracting, and will offer everything it can to keep you from finding yourself.  If we are always looking out, then we never get to see what is inside.  Our external senses have been offered every pleasure we can imagine now that the internet is fully grown, so why would we bother looking at those dark places within ourselves?

The ego-driven leaders at the top know this as well as I do, but also know how to use that to their advantage as predators. They will continue to fill your senses with anything that can be marketed to you.

Although many of the current theories about awakening and enlightenment could hold some truth, there is still a personal agenda of someone trying to capitalize off of your current confusion.  They will make you feel part of the group again!  You can be a 'lightworker' or an 'empath' or an 'indigo child', just come be part of our club! Sorry, a little sarcasm there.  I will continue to tell you to look within for the answers, and will do my best to offer information which will help you to do so.  I don't have the answers you seek, I only have experience and wisdom to share.

So back to my original point about what drives us as human beings. Well, currently the majority of the world is Ego-driven, and that is due to mass human dysfunction.  The Ego was well programmed for survival and modest socialization, but the world's progress is out of control and our egos have not quite caught up yet.

This is human evolution happening right in front of us!  Our degree of consciousness must increase in order for our species to survive, and although there is much suffering involved, I am delighted to be here in the world at this time to observe it.

Everyone will eventually go through this evolutionary process, but the natural process starts with small egos first.  If you feel you are experiencing your awakening right now, you can take some pride
in the fact that you have kept your ego in check, but unfortunately it took a lot of suffering to do so.

Here is the good news!   Your suffering was not for nothing!  It means that you are more self-driven than ego-driven.  It also means that you have a degree of control over your ego already and have evolved.  You will continue to evolve and likely have more suffering yet, but you are most definitely on the right path if you can answer this next question properly; Do you exist for personal gain or personal growth?

If you instantly said personal growth, then you are going the right way, and I say good for you! It has not been an easy path to follow yet you remained true to it.  No matter what your personal belief system is, when our body dies on Earth, which is inevitable, what do you have left? If you have spent your life seeking personal gain then all you have left is stuff, and I certainly would not want to be in that position on judgment day.

If you have spent your whole life growing as a good human being, you are faced with a much more welcoming thought.  Some believe that we blink from existence when we depart Earth, but the rest of the world believes that we go somewhere.  I will not try to define what that somewhere is, that is the job of religion.  I can only tell you this, wherever the next existence is, you will certainly want to be carrying a huge bag of personal growth with you because your money and stuff will be no good there!

For those of you who chose to suffer through personal growth during this existence, your time is now!  The world needs good and kind-hearted empathetic beings more than any other time in our recorded past.  If you have been filling up your bag of personal growth items, let me tell you, you are already ahead of most of the people on the planet right now and can start breathing a little more easily.  There is no fear when you are on the right path!  Find peace and self for now, and look within to your driving force and ask it for all the answers you are looking for.

If you are ego-driven, I will suggest that you learn self reflection soon, because your awakening is coming as well.  Treat others well because they may be the one you need to turn to for guidance in the near future.  "The meek shall inherit the Earth".  Treat the meek well!

Namaste and Be Well

p.s. For those who are currently awakening, treating others kindly is a virtue that does not change through this process.  The most ego-driven and evil people on the planet will eventually need your help to get through this, treat them kindly as well!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Awakening Groups: Are They Simply "The Blind Leading The Blind"?

As I scroll around the pages and groups of the 'so called' awakened ones, I see so much chaos. Each person is trying to convince the others that they have the right answers, and after reading hundreds of posts and comments this week, I can definitively say that 99 percent of the information I read comes directly from the Ego. It is the "Blind Leading The Blind' out there.

The first problem I see is that the majority of the people on these sites are under 30, and I don't mean to be rude to younger people in any way, but what makes them believe that they have all the answers that weren't here before? Oh yes, they believe they are special and that they 'know things' that others don't, and that is the trap of the Ego. If you believe you can use your mind and think your way to enlightenment and 'waking up', then your Ego has you in the trap as well, and you can be assured that you are following the wrong path.

Many great spiritual teachers talk about removing or dissolving the ego.  Some go so far as to say that we need to 'kill' it to find peace and enlightenment, or the present moment.  Although dissolving your ego is the first step, it is not only a long one, but it is also the most difficult.  Another problem is that as we dissolve our ego, our self becomes more easily led by it.  It does not want to be dissolved and will use every trick you have in your brain to keep your from doing so.  Letting go is not a simple task, and if you find information that 'shows you how', be very wary of it.

There is no simple approach, each person's task differs from the other and the answers are within yourself, not out here somewhere.  Every time you compare yourself to another, or use judgmental words in your speech, that is your ego taking control.  If the newly awakened ones think they are fooling others and are proud of how many followers they amass with their theories, they too are on the wrong path, and will gladly lead you down it with them.  Don't be fooled by the agenda of another, use your own common sense and reason to better understand.

It is difficult when one has a clear view of what is going on, and frustrating at times to watch truly awakened beings fooled by incredulous theories and non-factual information.  Your Ego will eat this stuff up and run with it because it keeps its existence at the forefront of your being.  You are an indigo child, or a starseed, or you are ascending and can only receive information from a 'grandmaster'.  These statements make me chuckle somewhat but also make me sad at the same time.

I am all over the place this morning but I needed a soft rant to start the day.  Yes, dissolve your Ego! How do you do that? Begin to recognize its hold on you and pay attention to it as often as you can.  It is your false self and basically needs to be deconstructed. The more you watch it, the easier it is to see.  You will see people talk of the evils of the ego and how it must be destroyed, and this too is the incorrect approach.

Our Ego is part of us and what makes us human in the first place.  Without it we would be sitting like peaceful animals all the time and never using our amazing brains to invent, problem solve, innovate and so many other positive attributes.  Once you deconstruct your ego, you will find your peace loving self waiting to emerge.  Let your 'self' have control back, because that is who you truly are when the ego is no longer controlling your actions and the false self has been removed.

Our Egos can be our worst enemy, and lead us to overthinking minds and bad decisions.  It can also be your best friend.  It can help you enhance your 'self' once it is under control.  The world of the internet feeds our egos all day long, so it is no wonder that most of the world is distracted and consumed by them.

The awakened ones are the ones who have recognized their egos as the false self, and for the most part have smaller egos than the average person, therefore they woke up first.  Your task at this point is not to go out and teach the world what you know, because you don't really know what you are even going through at this point until you reach some conclusions.  Fix yourself, find peace, let go of all negativity and become enlightened, that is your job.

If you believe you have a purpose but don't clearly know what it is yet, it has not been revealed because you have not reached far enough within yourself yet.  Don't guess, know!  Stop hindering the paths of others with information you believe to be correct, their path it their own.  Even if you think you have the answers, keep them to yourself until you have solved all your own issues and inner conflicts first.

Once you live as an enlightened or awakened being, you will not have to go out and teach others.  If you truly lead the life your 'self' wants for you, others will start coming to you for answers.

I wish you all well along your paths and pray that you find your 'self'.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Mental Health Issues or Awakening Symptoms: You Decide!

After my own awakening a few years back, I went through the highs and lows like many of you are going through now. Because there were very few awakened individuals to be found at the time, it was a very lonely process, so I had to delve into what I could find on the internet.  What I found there was a lot of garbage information and theories which have been created to amass popularity, not provide guidance and real answers.  This is not to say that good guidance can't be found, but for now I suggest you continue to look within yourself for answers.

Once I woke up it was quite easy to see that most people are struggling in this world right now, and our system has attributed most of it to "mental health" issues.  I decided to go to college and get my degree in social service work and mental health counseling.  After practicing for a few years now, I have learned that many of the people who are seeking help for mental health issues, are in actuality going through their own awakening.  Believe me, it definitely feels and appears to be a mental health deficiency, but it is not.

If you have suddenly become aware of yourself over the past year or two, and are asking yourself a lot of questions about who you are and why you are here, the there is a good chance you are going through your evolutionary awakening.  Everyone will eventually go through this, and it is my personal belief that the size of a person's ego will determine how long it will take them to engage themselves in the process.  Awakening is a process, it is not enlightenment!

So many people have awakened and believe that they have become instantly enlightened because they have linked up to information they could not possibly know, and the bliss that comes with finding the present moment can make us feel like we found all of the answers.  We are given this gift as humans for one reason, to look within ourselves, solve inner conflict, and raise your level of consciousness and awareness of the world around us. That is it!

You are not here to lead people or teach them information that they are not ready to learn yet (that is why you are receiving so much opposition from friends and family right now).  Your job isn't to be some 'lightworker' or 'starseed' or whatever whacked out theory you come across, your job is to Wake Up!  The information needed to wake up completely is all within you.  Yes, you can find helpful tips and some solid guidance if you search enough, but most of the information you will find has been put there to push someone else's personal agenda forward, and it is not there to improve or help you in your process.

I do my best to keep my posts short since the world has a short attention span it seems.  If you have questions, please ask them in the comments or email me.  I will do my best to continue sharing the most relevant information first.  I am here to tell you that nobody has all of the answers right now and the ones they have did not come from the spirits above, or aliens, their answers also came from within, but the information is still tainted at that point by human need and human greed.

As someone who has been living this process for quite a few years now, I have learned it is now my job to help others safely on their journey towards enlightenment, and to help you wake up to your new way of life.  I can not walk your path for you, nor do I have all of the answers, I simply share what I have learned with anyone who will listen.  I have seen both sides of this and lived in between those sides for a very long time now, and now it is time to take you to the other side as well. It is well worth the journey, and the discoveries you make will change your life forever.

I will continue to suggest that you rely on your common sense for now and realize that most of the information out there in regards to awakening has nothing to do with awakening.  I find that much of it seems similar to the beginnings of new belief systems and religions, and we all know how those all work out in the end.  Be safe, continue to observe your ego, and find ways each day to love yourself more.  This is the only true path to freedom.
Namaste and Be well all

I started a new facebook group which I hope to be a safe haven for awakened beings to gather and discuss things in a friendly platform.  If you are looking for some answers I hope there will be some for you soon. Awakening Answers

Important Message to the "Awakened Ones"

As I work through the last stage of awakening once again, I spend a little more time on the internet trying to see where the mindsets of the awakened ones are currently. I have to admit that I find it very exciting to see so many individuals waking up, especially when some of us have been walking this path alone for many years now.  To know that there are so many others out there who understand the change that is taking place in our world right now, is wonderful!

Here is the downside to what you are going through.  With any revolution or large scale change that takes place, there are always lots of predators out there looking to make there fortune off of it.  If you following or believing the words of someone who is profiting from you at the moment, you are being led down the wrong path.  It is that simple in regards to this. (Bear with me, as I am currently frustrated by how many predators are targeting awakened beings right now)

Question everything you read, hear, see or experience, including the words I have written here.  In the past, thousands of religions have come to life when large scale changes occur, so how is now any different than those times.

The first thing to remember in all of this is that there are tons of ego driven people out there who are looking to make a profit off of your awakening, and believe me, they do not have the answers you seek, they just know how to market their ideas better than the ones who are simply trying to share good information.


I had to put that in caps to get my point across.  You can read about lightworkers, empaths, ascension, enlightenment, transcendence, and the list goes on and on, but what you will find behind everything written is only theoretical.  Just because someone's information sounds good, or they have lots of followers online does not mean they have the answers for you.

Here is the other suggestion I will leave you with: If you are still looking for answers to your awakening, what it means and why you are having it, stop searching the internet for it, you will not find the answers you seek.  If you are looking anywhere but inside of yourself to seek enlightenment, you will be sadly misinformed.  I am not saying that some of the information you find will not be helpful on your journey, but the answers are not outside of yourself!!

The answers we are all seeking will come in due time, but there are very few 'right' answers out there right now.  There are lots of seemingly believable theories and hypotheses to be found, and some of them are fun to read, but please remember that the information is not fact.

There are so many young and impressionable minds out there just ready to be molded, and if you don't think there are predators out there trying to use that to their advantage, you should stop and meditate on that for a bit before trying to move forward.

I am posting the same picture twice in this blog as an extra reminder. Please heed the words and keep yourself safe in your journey until the truth is revealed to you from within.
Namaste and good day to all

I don't ask people to share my blog often but I will today (please use one of the little icons at the bottom). My goal is to offer some safe guidance to everyone. I don't have all of the answers but I can help keep you on the right path, simply by getting you to look in the right direction, within.  There is a closed facebook group started to today at Awakening Answers where I hope to gather others who will share the task of providing safe information to Awakened Ones.

Living In The 'Now'-Find Peace In The Present Moment

I joined Eckhart Tolle's group on Facebook a few weeks ago and was quite impressed to find a true support group.  Thousands of people from around the world share their problems, and others provide insight and advice.  I was astounded by the dozens and even hundreds of comments being made for each post.  Eckhart has certainly had a huge effect on hundreds of thousands of individuals who are all looking for some version of inner peace.

Some of the stories I have read are quite similar to things I have experienced in my own life which is comforting for some reason.  The problem doesn't change, but the perception of it does, and it becomes more 'normalized' knowing that others are experiencing similar issues.  I am absolutely impressed by the outpouring of caring and compassion these strangers are sharing with each other.  The advice shared may not always be perfect, but it is at least another way to look at your problem, and for the most part, the information comes from a place of empathy.

The difficulty for many of the individuals who are sharing thoughts and issues is trying to understand Mr. Tolle's concepts.  The information in his books is enlightened and comes from a highly intelligent person.  It is difficult to understand the path to enlightenment and finding the 'now' if you have never experienced it before.  In my opinion, his information is all correct, but trying share in everyday words the points he is trying to get across is a daunting task.

The books explain how to live in the 'now', or the present moment.  This is the end goal of the process, yet there are so many steps in between where we are now and where we need to go, that all of it can become very confusing.  I will do my best to give an overview of what it means.

When we dream of the future, we are creating illusions of what could be.  We cannot predict the future therefore any thoughts we have of it are simply thoughts, not reality.  When we dwell in the past, we are recalling information that we have stored, but the information is no longer real.  The present moment is right here in front of us.  It wants our complete attention, but our thoughts of the past and future constantly try to take us from it.

When we are daydreaming and feel disconnected from the world around us for a few brief moments, that is the 'now'.  Not the thoughts or dreams in our head, but the physical feeling of simply 'being' for a few moments.

The reason we want to reach the 'now', or the present moment, is because it is where peace exists.  When we are living in the present moment there is no past or future, there is only what we can experience in this moment.  We only have this moment, there is nothing other than that.  When we are living in the present moment we are mindful of everything around us, and our thinking becomes controlled and clear.

If you are looking for 'self-help' books then Eckhart's books may not be right for you.  If you are looking for peace and enlightenment then they are exactly what you are looking for.   Don't get frustrated trying to understand all of the words and concepts because his words are very deep and meaningful.  Try to take small parts that speak to you as you read, and practice them as you go.

I speak about peace, enlightenment, mindfulness, the 'now', and the present moment quite often.  These are the tools and goals that will solve many mental health issues plaguing our world.  I have learned much of the information from Buddhist books, but I want to make sure that I credit Eckhart Tolle for much of the knowledge I have gleaned.  He is one of my greatest teachers and I hope I am doing him a credit with my logical reasoning of his concepts.