Thursday, June 15, 2017

Find Guidance For Your Awakening

Although I have been writing about Mental Health issues over the past months, I have decided to change the scope of my blog.  The information will be similar to what I have been sharing, but I see a greater need at the moment for another topic, so I will focus on that for a while.

The Awakening of human consciousness has brought a new stream of information to the world, and one must be careful of who they are listening to, and what they are learning.  Although some of the current theories could be correct, we can also say that one of the over 4000 religions in the world may have the answers as well.

What I do know, is that most, if not all religions were created within the scope of creating a better human being through ethics, morals and values,  Each one has a different story and belief system, but they all seem to have certain aspects in common.  The Awakening of humanity has caused thousands, if not millions of people to begin questioning things that they never have before.  Their brain/minds have woken up somewhat and gained access to information that most of of never knew was there.

I am not here to provide you with all of the answers, but my profession as a guidance counselor sums up my purpose fairly well.  Because I have been through the process, I know certain things, but certainly not everything.   I will be sharing dos and don'ts that I learned along the way.  I will not offer advice, only experienced suggestions, your path is your own.

The first suggestion that I am going to share is this: stop trying to teach everyone around you!  Just because your mind has awoken and you have recognized your ego for the illusion for what it is, does not mean that those around you are ready to accept that within themselves.  They could be years away with much suffering to endure before they will reach that point.

If you have read about lightworkers, indigo children, star children, ascension, and other terms like these, you have discovered something wonderful inside of you, but what you must understand is that your awakening is for you alone.  If you are searching for the answers to your true purpose or to find out what is happening to you, don't hesitate to scroll around the internet to find answers, and others who are going through the same thing.

 I do warn you though, there are more theories than religions out there and every one of them wants you to follow them.  This is how religions and cults begin as well.  Here is your helpful tip today, if you have awoken and are searching for answers, stop looking for them outside of yourself.  The answers you seek are within you and nowhere else.  Just as the Buddha and other prophets transcended the human mind, you can too!

You will find helpful information exploding all over the net, but again I warn you to be skeptical of everything you read, including this! If someone is telling you they have the answers, they don't!  Those who have the answers are guarding them carefully within themselves and will only reveal them to those who are ready to receive them.

Waking up is only the beginning of the process.  You will experience times of bliss and peace, but also times of deep turmoil within.  Both of these things are normal responses to what is happening, and no, you are not crazy.  You are meant to experience your feelings and emotions so that you can better experience the present moment, or the Now as Eckhart Tolle calls it.

Self reflection is the key to your path right now.  Dig deep and get to know yourself fully.  That is your only job at the moment.  As you get further in touch with your 'self', you will experience all of the things that come with human goodness.  You will improve and grow as a person until you yourself become a better human being. This is key because as you appear happier and lighter, others will want to follow in your path.

Be patient and don't stress yourself out.  Ease into the suffering within, experience it, and then move on.  You will move forward with each day until suffering is all in the past, where it belongs!

Take care and be well neighbors