Friday, June 2, 2017

Message To The 'Awakened Ones'

The fact that there is an evolutionary awakening of consciousness occurring is no longer in dispute.  The more people that 'wake up', the more acceptable the notion of awakening becomes.  Many will label this awakening of consciousness as a spiritual occurrence, but in fact it is likely a biological change which is adapting our bodies to this new world we have created.

Life is moving so fast right now and we are all having difficulty keeping up with our ever thinking minds.  There is so much to see and do, and most of us never take the time to slow down and find balance.  Amidst this chaos there are thousands of individuals who are having a mental awakening and have no idea what is happening to them.  They just know that they see the world in a different way all of a sudden and can no longer understand why those around them don't see the same.

You may call yourself a lightworker, an indigo or star child, an awakened or enlightened being, or one of many other terms being used world wide.  You suddenly have access to information that you could not have even considered in your past and you feel a need to share it with the world, because you want to help.  You see evil and chaos all around you and you feel a need to help those who are stuck in it, or 'asleep'.  This is where I am going to provide you with a little insight from years of experience.

Stop trying to teach what you know to those around you, unless they ask! The information you have gained access to is for you alone.  It has been given to you as both a gift and curse, but it is to be used to fix yourself.  When you try to fix or teach others, that is your ego working, and that is the very thing you are trying to take control of.

Use the gift of insight you have been given to reflect on your own life and experiences so you can gain a greater understanding of yourself.  That is where enlightenment is.  I realize that you think you know so much right now and want to show those around you how smart you are, but I beg you to fight that urge, again, that is your ego working.

Get to know yourself once again without the ego.  That is where all of your power lies.  Once you truly find yourself, you will learn to love and accept yourself the way you are.  If your self has learned the lessons it has come here to learn, then you will be driven by kindness, compassion, honesty and empathy from the inside out.  At that point you can call yourself truly 'awakened'.  Until then you must realize that you are only waking up, not awake.

Once you find enlightenment and have transcended your ego, you will no longer feel the need to teach others, you will simply lead by example.  When others see the good and humble person you have become, they will want to follow you and learn how you accomplished this peaceful state, just as people followed the Buddha.

Awakened Ones!  Your only job right now is to become enlightened!  Use your new understanding of the world to make yourself a better human being.  One of us can't change the world, but if thousands of us begin bettering ourselves and achieving enlightenment, imagine what thousands of Buddhas could accomplish in this chaotic world right now.

I tell you this so that you can calm down your anxieties and stop looking at the future.  Eckhart Tolle teaches us about the Now, or the present moment, and he has provided an excellent path to find it.  Stop looking at the future and start planning each moment with love and compassion as your fuel.  Nobody can predict the future, we can only create it through our actions today.

Relax, reflect, find peace, and wake up.  That is your job right now.  The rest will present itself once we clear our own paths.  This is not a simple process, but if you know what the goal is and how to get there, then the suffering along the way will be worthwhile.  I can tell you that after years of going through the process and watching others do so as well, I am looking forward to the finish line.

I can see mine right in front of me and just need to grab on to it.  Your present moment is right in front of you too, can you see it yet?  It is your finish line, and the peace and stillness that is on the other side of it is worth every bit of suffering you have ever experienced.  I look forward to see many of you there.

Namaste and good day to all!