Thursday, November 9, 2017

Narcissists Surrounded By Narcissists

Sometimes I will sit here early in the morning with no idea what to write about, yet my mind is not completely quiet so there must be something that needs to pop to the surface.  My 'self; has found the courage and determination to take on quarrels that I may have walked away from previously, and my mind is still trying to process.  This is part of the syndrome and pattern which follows long term psychological abuse.

This morning I am trying to figure out which remaining items need to be let go of, and which ones I should press forward at.  I will continue to expose the narcissists and sociopaths in my environment, but it no longer comes from a place of resentment or anger, although at one point, that is where most of the words would have come from.  Fighting back at Narcs is new for me, and i am sharing the process as I go.  I have healed for the most part, researched much more than any normal person ever would, and I can consider myself mentally armed and dangerous, yet only to those who have harmed others.

So that is the direction I will take for today, I will talk about more of those who harm others without recourse.  The organization I focus a good bit of my efforts on is a not for profit literacy agency in West Nipissing.  The business has been around the community for many years and has had different leadership over the years.  It changed dramatically when a new Executive Director was hired on 7 or 8 years ago.  

I am sure the board members at the time had no idea how to spot someone with NPD, and it is quite possible that the symptoms were well hidden at that point, especially since none of these people had ever seen the Narc in a position of power over others.  All they got to learn at the time was what was being presented to them, and the Narc I speak of is the epitome of what we would expect in a full blown narcissist, with charm and a seemingly compassionate nature.

I am not looking to blame others at this point, I am searching for the source of the problem, and how it was allowed to continue and grow as it has.  The Narc I speak of is very clever and devious, and I certainly can not match those types of skills, because I am not an asshole.  This Narc knew exactly which types of people to surround herself with when she 'invited' the new board she created for 'her' new establishment.  She picked mostly narcissistic people that were not as clever as her, and has used their public recognition since to abuse and grow her reign of quiet terror.

I could understand if the people on this 'board of directors' were uneducated, or in a field of work where mental health holds no prevalence, but let's see what we have.  A police chief and a constable play active roles on this board, yet they seem to ignore the abusive behaviours.  I would think that they should be at the forefront of recognizing abuse, but I suppose I am asking too much from these ego-driven individuals and expecting intelligence where there is little.

There is a social worker on that board as well, and if this person cannot recognize the abuse when it is right in front of her face, she may be in the wrong line of work.  It is her profession to see these things.  Maybe it is time for her to go back to school, just not to the school where the board president came from.  It is an elementary school I speak of, but for someone who thinks so highly of herself and has plenty of narcissistic qualities as well, she certainly won't be of any help.  Believe me, I went to this board president after my ordeal and was treated poorly.  I tried to plead my case from a state of weakness at the time while she told me stories of her life and 'fluffed' off my issues.

There is a lawyer and an author on that board as well, and I can find no ethics there to talk about.  I think what it comes down to is that I am hoping to see an ounce of shame or remorse in these people, hoping to see a shred of humanity in them, but so far there has been nothing.  I have been able to heal and I will now fight back until I find solutions this time around, but what about the good people who are still currently being abused?

Well, the game i am playing here is driven by that question.  I have been on the short end of the stick and feel like I have been taken down by a team of narcissists!  One on one would have given me a chance, even two or three against one would have been a fun battle for me I think, but as one 'little guy' against overwhelming odds, I have had to approach this in a very different way.  I may be one person, but as they say, 'the pen is mightier than the sword'.

I will continue to slowly expose the behaviours of these public people and even use many of their narcissistic tools against them.  Because election time in our area is rapidly approaching, I will use this platform to make these issues public, exposing each individual's negative behaviours at a a time when regular citizens are paying attention somewhat. 

If any of the board members or the Director have any aspirations of politics here, they may want to keep reading my blog, and listening to the rants I am sharing around town, because they are going to make things very difficult for you.  You may have climbed to top of the social and business ladder here, but it is time to gather the troops and start yanking those ladders out from beneath you.

These Narcs likely think they can treat people as I was treated and continue climbing, and for the most part they are likely correct.  Most victims are too messed up and exhausted to fight back, and so was I for a long while.  If their behaviour had improved in the time I was healing, I would have just walked on and found something new to drive me forward right now.  Instead, I see the abuse continuing and likely getting worse each day.  That I can no longer allow.

I am only one person right now, but my voice is quite loud, and there are many who enjoy listening to what I have to say.  I expect these Narcs have a bumpy road ahead of them and I am more than happy to provide as many bumps as I can along the way.  The abuse that is going on is still very real, and if you are someone who is involved in this community, you may want to consider helping the problem toward a solution, or I will warn you, you may be a target as well.

It is one thing for this 'director' I speak of to continue her cruel and malicious behaviour behind closed doors, but another completely for her bosses to allow it to keep going.  They have a chance to stop this now, but maybe they are afraid of the head Narc as well.  She could tarnish their reputations quite quickly, and it would likely be her first step.  Don't be an enabler and coward, stand up to this bully and do something to help the victims before it is too late for them.

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