Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Help The 'Little Guy' Stand Up To Narcissists

I have always believed in standing up for the 'little guy', and helping the underdog, but only if their goal is 'just'.  It is quite often the 'little guy' who has the just purpose and that is why he/she fights so hard for their goal in the first place.  I also see a pattern where the 'little guy' is concerned, and that is they are quite often the 'nice' or compassionate person who has been pushed down by the more powerful beings around them.

I am the 'little guy' in my fight against narcissism and narcissistic abuse, I get that!  The 'little guy' often gets pushed around and pushed down until they simply give up, and the 'big guys' keep pushing forward with their self centered agendas.  Well, how about when the 'little guy' decides not be little anymore?

I expect that the more truths I write, the more I will be slandered, smeared and treated like a social pariah to those currently in power.  At one point in my life, that would have bothered me, but now I welcome it all.  For the most part, I am a nice guy who treats others with empathy and compassion, naturally!  I do have another side that comes to life when wrongs are committed, and that other side will stop at nothing to right those wrongs.

That side finally came to life after about a year of healing from my own abuse, and the purpose behind it grows each day.  I have spent my whole life seeking justice for others, but forgot how to do so for myself.  As someone who is naturally empathetic, I am have been preyed upon throughout my whole life by narcissists, and only began to realize the full spectrum of the problem over the past couple of years, especially after working for a master narcissist in a not-for-profit organization in our community of West Nipissing

I have been a good source of supply for Narcs for many years without even realizing it, just like so many other empathetic beings do.  I am still an excellent source of 'supply' for Narcs now, but unfortunately for them, the supply I offer will now toxify them just like they do to good people.  I can spot a Narc a mile away, and I will always treat them with compassion, there will be no respect added to that compassion though.  Respect is reserved for good people who earn it!

Although I have altered my thinking quite a bit over the few years in regards to justice for my self, it is still not my primary purpose, and I have to blame my natural empathy for that one.  I have a difficult time turning my care towards myself first when there are others around me being mistreated or abused.  So in the mean time, I have turned myself in to a 'rock' once again, and allow nothing to penetrate my exterior, unless I knowingly allow it.

In order to attain my true purpose in life of helping others in need, I will now hurl myself, or the rock, at the people who are abusing their power and social status while harming others in the process.  The justice I seek in the world right now is justice for those who are trying to help themselves, but are overwhelmed and stuck being the 'little guy' as well. 

My ability to write words like these offers me the opportunity to no longer be a 'little guy'.  "The pen is mightier than the sword" is such a valid statement.  Well presented words can change just about any situation, even an abusive one.   The words I will continue to share have the underlying purpose of helping an innocent person/people who are stuck in an abusive situation, and should no longer have to suffer the effects. 

There is simply no need for the abuse or the behaviour of the Narc i am speaking of.  She should be ashamed of herself, but I know she does not understand shame.  I do have empathy towards even this horrible being, and understand that she suffers from a mental illness, but in no way does this condone her negative and abusive behaviours towards others, and the enablers who stand behind her should certainly be feeling some shame at this point, but I believe they are too ignorant and self-centered to see what is actually going on.

Well, this 'little guy' will make sure that everyone can see the truth, and then the community as a whole can decide what is right!  This is not about me attacking Narcs for the most part, it is about exposing the truths of their behaviours in their public positions so that citizens can make an educated decision on how they feel about the shitty things going on behind closed doors in our community, 

The 'VIP's' in our community have controlled their image for many year through coercion and fear, but that will no longer work for them.  We may not have a proper newspaper or media to keep our public employees in check, but this 'little guy' will continue to keep pushing forward and doing their work for them.  I look forward to seeing you all out there on the 'playing field' as our community heats up during election time.

 It should be fun, well maybe for the truth seekers, not so much for those who hide the truth!

Namaste and good day my friends

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