Thursday, November 30, 2017

Fighting Back At Narcissism With Satire

If you have ever been abused or negatively affected by the behaviours of a narcissist, you will know that there is little, or nothing humorous about it at all.  Yet I have decided to poke a little fun at my own narcissist abuser by creating satirical stories about her.  I am using only true accountings of her actions and a name that sounds similar, but is a lot more fun.

It is easy to toxify our inner self with the negative thoughts and emotions that come along with memories of narcissist abuse, and I have had my share of those. As I search for and test ways to fight back at narcissists in a proper and meaningful way, it is difficult not to let the bad thoughts and feelings take over.

After re-reading the first 60 pages of my book, I can sense my frustration in the words, and although they are truthful and emphatic, they still leave me feeling a little pissed off rather than relieved.  I discovered I need a more positive way to present the story, so I plan to practice a more satirical approach which I am hoping will be more empowering to the reader, while still getting my points across. And if I happen to poke fun at the images of local narcissists along the way, well I am okay with that, but have a feeling that they won't like my portrayal of them very much.

The antics of a narcissist can be quite comical to watch when you clearly know what you are seeing, and when you can be objective about what you see.  It is horrible being abused, but once you can detach your emotions from it, it looks very different.  I am hoping that by creating a 'lighter' side to narcissist abuse, I will be able to offer a different perspective to the issue. The less anger and frustration the abused person has towards their abuse, the easier it will be to cope.

So why not find a funny or satirical way to have a little fun with the narc?  I expect this method will be more effective than mere truth because the narc will just lie herself through things as she defends herself and finds ways to further smear the victim.  Instead, the humorous approach allows the truth to still be exposed, while offering the narc something that is less easy to defend.

It is another way to draw the narcissist out from behind their team of flying monkeys because she will eventually have to go on the defense.  She has spent much too long in the offensive position and I am about to change that.  I got tired of the defense position and left the game a while back.  Now that I have healed and have the strength, I think I deserve a chance in offense for a change! 

Narciisists of the world, prepare to defend yourselves! New research and tools are been developed all the time for narcissist abuse victims, and I plan to play my part as both a victim and mental health worker.  I hope I will offer a few things over time which will help you fight back too. Fighting back is a big part of the healing process because you get the ability to rebuild your self esteem and confidence.

Satire is s newer form of writing for me, but I am finding it enjoyable.  Once I finish the first couple I will get them posted here and introduce you to the characters involved.
Have a great day everyone and be well

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