Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Mental Health Issues or Awakening Symptoms: You Decide!

After my own awakening a few years back, I went through the highs and lows like many of you are going through now. Because there were very few awakened individuals to be found at the time, it was a very lonely process, so I had to delve into what I could find on the internet.  What I found there was a lot of garbage information and theories which have been created to amass popularity, not provide guidance and real answers.  This is not to say that good guidance can't be found, but for now I suggest you continue to look within yourself for answers.

Once I woke up it was quite easy to see that most people are struggling in this world right now, and our system has attributed most of it to "mental health" issues.  I decided to go to college and get my degree in social service work and mental health counseling.  After practicing for a few years now, I have learned that many of the people who are seeking help for mental health issues, are in actuality going through their own awakening.  Believe me, it definitely feels and appears to be a mental health deficiency, but it is not.

If you have suddenly become aware of yourself over the past year or two, and are asking yourself a lot of questions about who you are and why you are here, the there is a good chance you are going through your evolutionary awakening.  Everyone will eventually go through this, and it is my personal belief that the size of a person's ego will determine how long it will take them to engage themselves in the process.  Awakening is a process, it is not enlightenment!

So many people have awakened and believe that they have become instantly enlightened because they have linked up to information they could not possibly know, and the bliss that comes with finding the present moment can make us feel like we found all of the answers.  We are given this gift as humans for one reason, to look within ourselves, solve inner conflict, and raise your level of consciousness and awareness of the world around us. That is it!

You are not here to lead people or teach them information that they are not ready to learn yet (that is why you are receiving so much opposition from friends and family right now).  Your job isn't to be some 'lightworker' or 'starseed' or whatever whacked out theory you come across, your job is to Wake Up!  The information needed to wake up completely is all within you.  Yes, you can find helpful tips and some solid guidance if you search enough, but most of the information you will find has been put there to push someone else's personal agenda forward, and it is not there to improve or help you in your process.

I do my best to keep my posts short since the world has a short attention span it seems.  If you have questions, please ask them in the comments or email me.  I will do my best to continue sharing the most relevant information first.  I am here to tell you that nobody has all of the answers right now and the ones they have did not come from the spirits above, or aliens, their answers also came from within, but the information is still tainted at that point by human need and human greed.

As someone who has been living this process for quite a few years now, I have learned it is now my job to help others safely on their journey towards enlightenment, and to help you wake up to your new way of life.  I can not walk your path for you, nor do I have all of the answers, I simply share what I have learned with anyone who will listen.  I have seen both sides of this and lived in between those sides for a very long time now, and now it is time to take you to the other side as well. It is well worth the journey, and the discoveries you make will change your life forever.

I will continue to suggest that you rely on your common sense for now and realize that most of the information out there in regards to awakening has nothing to do with awakening.  I find that much of it seems similar to the beginnings of new belief systems and religions, and we all know how those all work out in the end.  Be safe, continue to observe your ego, and find ways each day to love yourself more.  This is the only true path to freedom.
Namaste and Be well all

I started a new facebook group which I hope to be a safe haven for awakened beings to gather and discuss things in a friendly platform.  If you are looking for some answers I hope there will be some for you soon. Awakening Answers

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