Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Important Message to the "Awakened Ones"

As I work through the last stage of awakening once again, I spend a little more time on the internet trying to see where the mindsets of the awakened ones are currently. I have to admit that I find it very exciting to see so many individuals waking up, especially when some of us have been walking this path alone for many years now.  To know that there are so many others out there who understand the change that is taking place in our world right now, is wonderful!

Here is the downside to what you are going through.  With any revolution or large scale change that takes place, there are always lots of predators out there looking to make there fortune off of it.  If you following or believing the words of someone who is profiting from you at the moment, you are being led down the wrong path.  It is that simple in regards to this. (Bear with me, as I am currently frustrated by how many predators are targeting awakened beings right now)

Question everything you read, hear, see or experience, including the words I have written here.  In the past, thousands of religions have come to life when large scale changes occur, so how is now any different than those times.

The first thing to remember in all of this is that there are tons of ego driven people out there who are looking to make a profit off of your awakening, and believe me, they do not have the answers you seek, they just know how to market their ideas better than the ones who are simply trying to share good information.


I had to put that in caps to get my point across.  You can read about lightworkers, empaths, ascension, enlightenment, transcendence, and the list goes on and on, but what you will find behind everything written is only theoretical.  Just because someone's information sounds good, or they have lots of followers online does not mean they have the answers for you.

Here is the other suggestion I will leave you with: If you are still looking for answers to your awakening, what it means and why you are having it, stop searching the internet for it, you will not find the answers you seek.  If you are looking anywhere but inside of yourself to seek enlightenment, you will be sadly misinformed.  I am not saying that some of the information you find will not be helpful on your journey, but the answers are not outside of yourself!!

The answers we are all seeking will come in due time, but there are very few 'right' answers out there right now.  There are lots of seemingly believable theories and hypotheses to be found, and some of them are fun to read, but please remember that the information is not fact.

There are so many young and impressionable minds out there just ready to be molded, and if you don't think there are predators out there trying to use that to their advantage, you should stop and meditate on that for a bit before trying to move forward.

I am posting the same picture twice in this blog as an extra reminder. Please heed the words and keep yourself safe in your journey until the truth is revealed to you from within.
Namaste and good day to all

I don't ask people to share my blog often but I will today (please use one of the little icons at the bottom). My goal is to offer some safe guidance to everyone. I don't have all of the answers but I can help keep you on the right path, simply by getting you to look in the right direction, within.  There is a closed facebook group started to today at Awakening Answers where I hope to gather others who will share the task of providing safe information to Awakened Ones.

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