Thursday, June 29, 2017

Awakening Groups: Are They Simply "The Blind Leading The Blind"?

As I scroll around the pages and groups of the 'so called' awakened ones, I see so much chaos. Each person is trying to convince the others that they have the right answers, and after reading hundreds of posts and comments this week, I can definitively say that 99 percent of the information I read comes directly from the Ego. It is the "Blind Leading The Blind' out there.

The first problem I see is that the majority of the people on these sites are under 30, and I don't mean to be rude to younger people in any way, but what makes them believe that they have all the answers that weren't here before? Oh yes, they believe they are special and that they 'know things' that others don't, and that is the trap of the Ego. If you believe you can use your mind and think your way to enlightenment and 'waking up', then your Ego has you in the trap as well, and you can be assured that you are following the wrong path.

Many great spiritual teachers talk about removing or dissolving the ego.  Some go so far as to say that we need to 'kill' it to find peace and enlightenment, or the present moment.  Although dissolving your ego is the first step, it is not only a long one, but it is also the most difficult.  Another problem is that as we dissolve our ego, our self becomes more easily led by it.  It does not want to be dissolved and will use every trick you have in your brain to keep your from doing so.  Letting go is not a simple task, and if you find information that 'shows you how', be very wary of it.

There is no simple approach, each person's task differs from the other and the answers are within yourself, not out here somewhere.  Every time you compare yourself to another, or use judgmental words in your speech, that is your ego taking control.  If the newly awakened ones think they are fooling others and are proud of how many followers they amass with their theories, they too are on the wrong path, and will gladly lead you down it with them.  Don't be fooled by the agenda of another, use your own common sense and reason to better understand.

It is difficult when one has a clear view of what is going on, and frustrating at times to watch truly awakened beings fooled by incredulous theories and non-factual information.  Your Ego will eat this stuff up and run with it because it keeps its existence at the forefront of your being.  You are an indigo child, or a starseed, or you are ascending and can only receive information from a 'grandmaster'.  These statements make me chuckle somewhat but also make me sad at the same time.

I am all over the place this morning but I needed a soft rant to start the day.  Yes, dissolve your Ego! How do you do that? Begin to recognize its hold on you and pay attention to it as often as you can.  It is your false self and basically needs to be deconstructed. The more you watch it, the easier it is to see.  You will see people talk of the evils of the ego and how it must be destroyed, and this too is the incorrect approach.

Our Ego is part of us and what makes us human in the first place.  Without it we would be sitting like peaceful animals all the time and never using our amazing brains to invent, problem solve, innovate and so many other positive attributes.  Once you deconstruct your ego, you will find your peace loving self waiting to emerge.  Let your 'self' have control back, because that is who you truly are when the ego is no longer controlling your actions and the false self has been removed.

Our Egos can be our worst enemy, and lead us to overthinking minds and bad decisions.  It can also be your best friend.  It can help you enhance your 'self' once it is under control.  The world of the internet feeds our egos all day long, so it is no wonder that most of the world is distracted and consumed by them.

The awakened ones are the ones who have recognized their egos as the false self, and for the most part have smaller egos than the average person, therefore they woke up first.  Your task at this point is not to go out and teach the world what you know, because you don't really know what you are even going through at this point until you reach some conclusions.  Fix yourself, find peace, let go of all negativity and become enlightened, that is your job.

If you believe you have a purpose but don't clearly know what it is yet, it has not been revealed because you have not reached far enough within yourself yet.  Don't guess, know!  Stop hindering the paths of others with information you believe to be correct, their path it their own.  Even if you think you have the answers, keep them to yourself until you have solved all your own issues and inner conflicts first.

Once you live as an enlightened or awakened being, you will not have to go out and teach others.  If you truly lead the life your 'self' wants for you, others will start coming to you for answers.

I wish you all well along your paths and pray that you find your 'self'.

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