Thursday, May 25, 2017

Global Awakening

Over the years I have taken many long pauses in between blogging.  Each time I have reflected and researched something that sprang out of the older blog, and found ways to move forward.  One thing I have been blogging about on and off for many years now is the concept of 'Awakening'.

When I first began writing about this idea many people found my thoughts to be strange, but also compelling for some reason.  When I first woke up many years back, I was filled with so much information that all I could do is write and talk all day long.  I think I drove everyone around me a little crazy at the time, but they could not refute the information I was sharing, it was just a little too much to take all at once.

There were very few individuals that were also awake at that time and it became frustrating to find others who also understood.  After a few months of blogging and self-reflection, I had written millions of words which were meaningful and logical arguments on many philosophical topics, but I later realized that all of the words were meaningless, and once I had emptied them from my brain, I found true peace and enlightenment.

The biggest problem for me at the time was that there were very few enlightened beings to learn from, and to tell me that I wasn't simply losing my mind (I later learned that this was exactly what I was trying to do).  Thanks to Eckhart Tolle, I learned that I was not simply losing my mind, I was conquering my ego and I had not realized it yet.  He showed me the way to the present moment and I found it completely.

There is only one word that I can use to describe the Now, and that is Bliss.  True peace and contentment are my definition of Bliss. It is the goal that every human on the planet is trying to achieve and it is the one true purpose for all human beings, many call it Enlightenment.  The hard part comes in defining enlightenment because so few have found it.

This brings us back to my point of this article.  People are experiencing enlightenment in different ways all over the planet right now, you are not alone!  Again, enlightenment is difficult to define, therefore each and every individual has an explanation of what it feels like. The word 'Awakening' is becoming more broadly used because it explains this stage of the process quite well. You are awakening to a new level of consciousness!

This not only comes from our creator's purpose, but from evolutionary need as well.  We are surrounded by a chaotic world that will expire in the near future unless there is a drastic change.  The Global Awakening comes out of need for human and biological survival.  Prophets have entered the world throughout the past in times of need, and there has never been more of a need for prophets than right now.

Here is the Straight Talk that comes with enlightenment and awakening.  Have you gone through some sort of inner transformation, or do you suddenly feel filled with compassion, empathy and a need to help others?  If so, you have experienced the awakening of your inner self.  You should be very proud of yourself because there will be a very small percentage of us who will be given this opportunity.

I use the word opportunity because this is your chance to challenge yourself and to face all of your inner fears.  The more of them your conquer, the stronger you will become, and the clearer your true purpose will be.  For now, I will use the word Kindness to explain what that purpose is.  You can call it a 'collective consciousness' if you like, but what it comes down to is this, the world needs kindness, compassion, empathy, and of course love in order to heal.  It is not going to be easy though!

If have awakened and you believe it is your right to teach others who do not want to be taught, that is your ego speaking,  If you have awakened it is your job to teach others the qualities above through your actions, not just your words.  We have ;surpassed the stage where we need to create 'awareness' to problems, now it the time for action.

I will continue on this train of thought over the coming days, but I will leave you with this for the moment.  We are not here to rise up and fight our fellow man, we are here to lift up our fellow man.  If you are one of the "awakened ones", "lightworkers", "indigo/star children", etc; then your purpose is to find your inner goodness and share it with the world.  Start in your own home or in the workplace because I believe our goodness will spread like wildfire!

Be well and at peace

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