Friday, February 3, 2017

Enlightenment Is A Beginning, Not An End

So many people in the world are searching for 'enlightenment' during the great ego awakening, but most have absolutely no idea what that even means.  Many people believe it is some sort of goal that we need to reach, or some destination we are trying to find.  It is not a destination or a goal, it is a state of mind, and once you reach it, there is no turning back.

Enlightenment comes with a sense of peace and fulfillment, but once the initial euphoria and bliss wear off, the new path begins, and it is not all pure and perfect as we are often led to believe.  Enlightenment comes with a very strong sense of compassion, and the urge to help others achieve this state of mind becomes one of the main priorities in your life, even if you had no sense of it before.

It is easy to see who is awakening and who is enlightened once you have seen the 'other side' as I call it.  Enlightened beings radiate goodness and are always available to help others reach this blissful state of peace.  Awakening beings are still fighting their egos and will still hold many self-serving behaviors, and an enlightened being will spot this in an instant.

The most frustrating thing is that 'ego' beings are led to believe they are enlightened by their own delusions of the mind, and they will often dislike the enlightened being because the ego loves to wallow in jealously and comparison with others.

With most of the population of the world struggling with their own egos, it is a frustrating and often terrifying place to be for those who have found enlightenment.  They are the small percentage of the population who don't quite fit into society right now because their ideals do not match anymore.  Our purpose is to bring peace into a very chaotic world, and there are so many evils that want to stop that.

Peace does not bring money to the rich, and power to the wealthy, chaos and war do.  For those of us who understand my words fully, this is just the beginning.  Teach others and help them find this state as well.  The more enlightened beings there are on the planet, the closer we will get to utopia.   For those who have not quite reached their inner peace yet, don't give up, but listen to those who actually know, they will be the ones who are already at peace with the world.

Enlightenment is just a new beginning with a different attitude about the world.  It only comes to those who are compassionate and caring, because they are the meek who will inherit the Earth.  Enlightenment is a lot of hard work, so I suggest you think long and hard about trying to attain it unless you are willing to be a better and more humble person who will have a new journey ahead.

Enlightenment is not a permanent state either.  If you don't maintain your compassion and remain humble, you will be dragged back to the other side by your ego once again.  Aim for transcendence! Become an enlightened being rather than working at becoming one.  Simply be!

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