Saturday, February 18, 2017

Atheism: What A Ridiculous Notion

I often find it difficult to believe that intelligent human beings could assume that we simply blink from existence when we depart our Earthly vessel.  Life is created to exist, there is no other assumption that could make sense, but because our human ego needs to understand everything as finite, we have an abundance of views on death and what it truly means.

This does not come from a religious standpoint, although I have studied these for decades trying to come up with answers.  We use terms like spirituality, divine, soul and other words to try and explain our existence, but these often lead to personal belief systems that only provide understanding to each individual, and each path to understanding is different.

Most of us will claim to have a soul or spirit within us that we don't truly understand.  This is because we label it with words that come with a barrage of meanings, and those meanings are backed by countless belief systems and histories of people trying to make sense of them.  Finding factual information is near impossible, and this is why so many discount the reality and turn to non-belief, or Atheism.

If who we are has no outer purpose, then our existence is finite and we believe that it will end at some point, mostly because of our predetermined views on death.  We can't understand death fully because once it occurs here on Earth, we have no way to share it with the 'living', so it always remains a logical anomaly.

All we can do is focus on what we do know and attempt to rationalize the information with the limited resources of the human mind.  The first step to understanding life itself is to take away the predetermined thoughts and beliefs from who we are; we don't have a soul or a spirit, we are that soul or spirit, and like to refer to this life force as 'self'.

That life we experience is who we are, and we cannot simply label what that is, but there is absolutely no doubt that it is there.  We often believe that it is separate from who we are, and that is the illusion that our ego, or mind creates.  We are life, we don't own it.  Life is created to live, and it is actually that simple.

The parts that are not simple are the explanations of life itself.  We can choose to accept the stories and religious texts as explanations, but this is only a small part of gaining true understanding of self.

Do you ever feel judged by your actions even when nobody else is around?  Many people will call this 'God', but it is only your true self, the life within, that is unhappy with your actions.  The bad feeling that comes with it is trying to teach your ego and mind to think better.  Most people avoid bad feelings like this at all cost, and this causes the ego to grow and expand, hiding your true self even further.

Our 'self' comes equipped with an innate goodness when we are born, so we can guide ourselves through personal growth and experience while interacting with the material world.  Our 'self' is the only thing we truly have control over and it is our only real purpose here during this existence  If anything goes against your natural or inner purpose, you will judge yourself for it, and often not like what you are being told.

Atheism is a way that the human ego can avoid and hide from our own judgement.  If we believe that life is finite, then it will all end someday, and we don't have to atone for any bad thing we have done.  We just blink from existence and all of our problems just disappear.  What a ridiculous notion!

It is my own personal belief that those who are consumed by their ego will continue to return to this existence until their true self is revealed.  Some believe that this happens over thousands of years.

If you believe in something greater than what we can see, continue to believe, but don't let your ego drag you back into the illusions created by human beings.  We are so much more than we can see on the surface  You can choose any type of belief system that helps with personal growth and understanding but make sure that the information is conducive to your own peace.  Many often take the information much too literally and miss the underlying messages that are there for your benefit.

Believe in your self and believe in life itself!  Believe in life and get in touch with who you really are.  The more growth you experience in this lifetime, the better the Karma you will create for yourself, and the closer you will become to understanding that life is eternal and is created to live!

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