Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Stop Taking Things Personally-Part 2

After writing an article this morning, (Click here for previous article) about not taking things personally, it got me to thinking once again.  Most of us take things personally and can not simply stop, so what can we do in the mean time while we are practicing this skill?

I was driving my daughter to school and as we were pulling up to the front someone walked by looking in the window with a seemingly angry look on his face.  She said "what is he looking at?" and this reminded me of a lesson in perception.  If we take the look personally, then we will be wondering why he is mad at us or what his problem is with us.   If we take the look for what is actually is, the person was likely having some negative thoughts and happened to look at us at the same time.

In my younger years I was somewhat confrontational and likely would have asked him what his problem was, because I would have taken the look personally.  In my older and wiser years I actually looked over at my daughter and said with a smile "maybe he finds us interesting or simply thinks you are cute".

My point is that we can choose how to view any situation no matter what our ego tries to make us feel in that instant.  If we are going to continue to take things personally, then why not try to create a positive analysis of the situation.

By viewing that one instance in a from a positive lens I created no negative feelings towards it.  I did not take the angry look personally, but if I did then at least I walked away with a positive feeling about it.

Try not to take things personally, but if you find that you are always taking things personally, find ways to put a more positive spin on the situations you are viewing.   The more positively you start to view things in your world, the easier you will find it is when interacting with others.  You will see the world in a whole new light.

Be well and have a peaceful evening.

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