Thursday, December 8, 2016

Simplify The Way We Think By Thinking Simply

The more that I write about mental health, the more reflection I do.  I find myself digging a little deeper each day within myself looking for new thoughts to process.  My overthinking mind has reasoned out many of the conflicts I had and has been searching for new and interesting things to think about for a change.

The last time I went through a transition like this in my life I learned many things about finding true inner peace.  I started to explore thoughts that I enjoyed processing rather than being overwhelmed by thoughts that I could not control.  Each time I wrote and wrote until my overthinking slowed and came to a halt.

This is when I get to feel a little excitement while writing rather than simply trying to force the information out.  I remind myself at this point that I also taught myself something very important in the past that I had forgotten again, simplify the way we think by thinking simply.

An odd statement I know, but it will make sense quickly enough.  Consider the world we live in right now and the abundance of laws that we all must follow each day.  There are millions of words providing the rules in which we are allowed to live within, but nobody ever could truly understand and follow them completely.  Yet if we step outside of the lines of the law, ignorance is no excuse.

What a ridiculous system that has been set up!  This is one of the big reasons why people enjoy following sports so much.  There are set rules and guidelines that all participants must follow providing a fair arena for good competition.  It sure would be nice if life were that simple!

My thought is that life should be that simple.  If we begin to consider our own personal values and morals, we can start to identify the source of who we are.  If we don't get to live our lives according to our own values and morals because we have to follow external laws and rules, this will cause a lot of internal conflict when the rules, especially when the rules don't match.

For my own purpose, I will be sharing opinions are a variety of societal concerns over the next few weeks, in an attempt to move forward in my own thinking.  I have shared much of whatever wisdom I have about mental health over the past few weeks and now I would like to search for more solutions.

So when I say 'simplify the way we think by thinking simply', I came to my first conclusion today.  I have spent most of my life being nice to people.  It is in my nature to be friendly and nice to others just about everywhere I go, but living in a world where others take advantage of nice people much too often, I need to change the way think.

During meditation today I came to a conclusion at the root of one my personal values.  I need to change that one simple value.  I decided that I need to stop being 'nice' all of the time and change the representation of this root behavior.  I have changed that value to being kind instead.

Kindness quite often includes being nice , but it does not always mean that I have to be friendly and accommodating.  Being kind means doing the right thing in my thinking.  Doing the right thing is like being parent, we don't always have to be nice to our kids, but we should always use kindness when dealing with them.

This one major change in my simple value system has offered me a completely new outlook at life today, and my ego is not happy about it.. The ego wants control of our minds, and when we make changes like this, it loses some control.  The more we recognize our ego for what it is, the more it fades away, and negative thinking disappears.

We spend all of our lives conditioning our behaviors based on what we learn and experience, but sometimes we need to re-condition things we got wrong in the first place.  If you are looking to improve your own mental health, try looking to your root values and ethics, and simplify and confusion that is there.

If there are things you don't like about yourself, change them.  If you do nothing, nothing will change. I will continue with this train of thought tomorrow and identify some of the root values you may want to look at.  Most religions give a list of rules that they feel are the best root values a civilized person can have, and can be a good place to begin.  Once we have confidence in our values, we become who we truly want to be.

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