Wednesday, November 23, 2016

You Don't Have To Control Your Thoughts...

Here is a quote that I see often, and feel the need to better understand whether it is good information or not.  I don't simply assume something is correct until I have understood it for myself.  It also reminded me to clarify some other points that were brought to mind.

When I am writing a blog post it may seem that I am writing to an audience, but essentially I am really writing the articles for myself and my own understanding.  When I have thoughts come to mind I feel the need to write down my reasoning in order to process the thought, and remove it from my active mind.  I share my logical reasoning with others to both help you take control of your thinking processes, but also to explain things to myself.

I truly try to 'practice what I preach' when I am reasoning things.  So I will dissect the quote above and gain a better understanding for both of us into its meaning, and whether the information is correct.  I can start by simply agreeing with the secondary part of the statement, "you just have to stop letting them control you".  Our minds and thoughts are in continuous control of us for the most part, and by letting them go, we have the ability to take control back.

I have written quite a bit about removing negative thought processes from our active minds, and it is a great way to remove pressure from our clogged minds.  When we do this we gain the strength needed to stop letting our thoughts control us.  If we don't take control of our thoughts at this point then we are leaving a gap open for our thoughts to take hold once again.

I will take a stance against the first part of the statement, "You don't have to control your thoughts", because I believe we should have control of our thinking processes to bring order back to our often confused minds.  Remember that I could be wrong here, but as long as I can reason the problem to a satisfactory result for myself, I will be able to put this one away and move onto others.

We don't need to have complete control over our own minds, but some control is essential.  When we take no control and just let things be, we already know what the results are, a confused and clogged mind.  There are very few people who can live in the present moment all of the time because I minds constantly draw us elsewhere.  If we have control of our thought processes we are able to pick and choose the things we want to think about.  We can't simply let go of control and hope that all will be well.

I will choose to disagree with the overall quote above, but I am thankful to have read it because it helped me to clarify things in my mind, and made me do some deep and controlled thinking in order to get answers.  My mind is more calm after this exercise, and you will reap the rewards in your mental state when you try similar thinking.

Question everything until you get answers you are satisfied with.  Otherwise your brain and mind will continue to live in its present state with no wonder of the world around you.

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