Wednesday, November 2, 2016

What Is The Opposite of Anxiety?

We know that the opposite of depression is happiness and that up is the opposite of down, but what is the opposite of anxiety?  There are lots of words I could use here like calmness or carefree, but I will use the word peace.  This is why I push the concept of inner peace as much as I do.

I spent over 20 years suffering from anxiety and tried just about every self-help book out there in an effort to relieve it or cure it.  I spent all of those years using medications prescribed to me to ease and control my symptoms.  After more than two decades of suffering I got tired of simply trying to deal with my symptoms, I needed it to finally go away for good.

Although I still have other afflictions to deal with, I am no longer weighed down by anxiety and panic and I have been pill free for many years now.  I finally determined what the opposite of anxiety is and used that information to set a new path for myself.  I determined that the opposite of anxiety had to be peace because the two of them can not exist at the same time.  You cannot have anxiety when you are in a peaceful state and you can't find peace if you are suffering with anxiety.

Millions of people suffer with anxiety and panic disorders, and every one of them would like it to go away.  Anxiety is like worry and the two are very similar in nature, and they are both useless to our good mental and physical health.  Actually, anxiety is a detriment to our health as a whole.  Even though many learn to cope with the symptoms for long periods of time, the effects build up over time and eventually manifests in negative ways in regards to our health.

If you want to cure your anxiety or at least find a path which will ease your suffering, start searching for a path that leads away from your anxiety.  Just like with depression, if we can focus on happier things and become happy, then our state of depression will ease and hopefully stop at some point.  With anxiety, the closer we can get to a state of peace, the less our anxiety will plague us.

There is a cure for anxiety and it is inner peace.  I cured mine after more than 20 years of suffering and now I would like to show others the way to do the same.  I don't have a quick fix or some simple program 'to a better life', but I can share with you how I did it.  I have helped others ease and cure many of their symptoms, including my own daughter, and pills are not the answer; they are only temporary relief, the problem is still there.

I will be sharing some of the ways I cured my anxiety over the next few days in the hopes that you will be able to find some helpful information which will help you get over yours as well.  Anxiety and panic are horrible things to live with and if I can help you to ease your suffering, then my purpose will be fulfilled.  In the mean time, look for that state within you that is the opposite of anxiety and find yourself some peace in this crazy world.

Have a peaceful day everyone and be well!

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