Saturday, November 19, 2016

We Are Human Beings, Not Human Doings

The quote above reminded me of a saying I heard once, "we are human beings, not human doings!"  It is a simple statement that we can keep at hand to remind us to slow down once in a while.  That means to slow down everything, including our TV watching, phone and computer use, and anything else that steals our peace on a regular basis.

Existence simply gives us the ability to 'be'.  When is the last time you can remember taking a moment to experience the present moment, or to simply 'be'?  In our fast paced world there seems to be little time to try this out, yet it is exactly what we need.  We spend all our time, when we are not sleeping, doing things.  Even when we think we have stopped doing anything and are taking a break, we are usually still doing something.

Our bodies and minds need time to live in the present moment and simply 'be' sometimes.  If we are experiencing overwhelming thoughts and feelings, often they are telling us to take a real break, and to truly relax.  How often do we listen to this part of ourselves?

It is the 'weekend' right now and it is a time for many to take a couple days off and relax from the busy week that just passed.  Imagine having an invisible illness and trying to look forward to the weekend.  There is no break from the suffering, so often the weekend can be even more difficult than the work week.  With any invisible illness, whether it is our brains or bodies, we never get to stop 'doing'.

With mental health issues, overthinking and clogged minds are a big part of the suffering.  Because this never goes away, it keeps human beings from simply being.  The mind must be still in order to feel the peace and quiet we need, yet it never finds stillness.  It is similar for physical invisible illnesses; the body never feels truly still or at peace and therefore it is always 'doing' something in an attempt to counteract the pain.

Mindfulness and meditation training are quite helpful in trying to achieve some stillness of the mind. There is a lot of information to be found on these with simple internet searches.  YouTube has guided meditations and Tibetan healing bowls if you need something to help you relax and be still.  Even if you find five minutes each day to try this out, you will begin to notices changes over a few days.

You are a human being, and if you want to start healing, you need to find time to 'be' once in while.  Use the simple phrase to remind you that we are not supposed to be 'doing' something at all times.  This is part of the journey to 'finding ourselves' as well.  The more still we are, the better we understand ourselves, and the better we begin to feel.

Have a nice weekend everyone and be well!

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