Saturday, November 12, 2016

Use Your Religion Wisely

This is a great quote to get you thinking and to expand your mind.  The more we expand our minds, the more room we have for thinking.  There is a big difference between philosophy and religion. No matter which religion you may follow, if you don't understand the words you have read or heard, then they are still just words.

I enjoy reading religious texts for the rich knowledge they contain in regards to good values and ethics.  I enjoy studying Buddhist texts when I am searching for inner peace or for more enlightenment in my life.  When I want to learn suffering and understanding deeper aspects of life, I like to read some of Jesus' parables.  I skip past the religious aspects of each text and search for the deeper meanings of the words that are written.

Following the philosophies of Buddhism or Christianity, or any other religion can be a very helpful way to find the path to being a better human.  You don't have to follow the religion to gain the wisdom they hold.  Use the philosophies and underlying teachings to find a better path.  Use the information to empower your growth as a human being.

There are many differing philosophies that can be used to guide you down different paths.  Find the one that works for you.  Having faith and understanding in something helps us to have more faith in ourselves, and in humanity.  It also strengthens our sense of mental well-being.  Having faith in ourselves is simply good for our mental health.

If you choose to have faith in a certain religion, I say good for you.  This has helped so many people stay on their path and to help them find it when they are lost.  Try not to get to wrapped up in the religious aspects if you are look for self improvement.  Question the words you read and hear, and understand them as best you can.  How can you use the information to make you a better you?

Don't simply memorize and try to retain the words you read in religious or philosophical texts.  Learn what they mean while strengthening and growing your own wisdom.  Use your 'gut' feelings to question your logic and make sure you feel good about all of the information you learn.  If something feels wrong, it probably is wrong.  Ask yourself why in these situations?

Use good information in your search for peace and enlightenment.  Use religious texts that have been around for thousands of years.  The philosophies have lasted the test of time for a reason.  Just make sure when you are reading and studying that you are critically thinking about all of the words.  Whether the words are right or wrong is not the point, understanding why they are right are wrong is.

Happy Weekend to all!

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