Monday, November 7, 2016

The Law Of Karma: Have Faith in Balance

Most of us have heard the word Karma, yet the meanings become quite distorted in the mass sharing of information in our world. What goes around comes around and for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction are explanations we hear in reference to the laws of Karma.  There is some truth in these statements, but a deeper understanding allows us to have some faith that there is some invisible force which brings balance to all things.

The true nature of Karma does bring balance but in the truer sense, it does not come in this lifetime.  Our rights and wrongs  will not be righted in this lifetime; our Karma will balance out in a later life. This comes from the belief in reincarnation, and that we will return to live life over and over again here on Earth until we can remove ourselves from the cycle.

I am going to use the common understanding of Karma for the purposes of making my point today. We like to believe that Karmic Law is a true and real entity because it offers us faith in the fact that others will 'get what is coming to them' and that others will receive some sort of judgment for their misdeeds towards us.  It is a comforting thought for good people to believe that if we do good deeds, we will be rewarded in some way eventually, and conversely, bad deeds will be punished in some way.

Science has shown us that for every action, there is a reaction, while some still believe that there is an equal and opposite reaction.  Either way, it shows us that there are natural consequences for our actions.  When someone does something wrong towards us, we have a feeling of wanting revenge or retribution.  These are natural feelings but Karma teaches us that we are not to act on those feelings, we are to let nature take its course and that those misdeeds will be punished eventually.

I am making this point to show you that a little faith in this concept can go a long way.  It helps us to forgive, forget and let go of things that are toxic to us.  If we have been hurt or abused by another and we believe Karma to be a true force in nature, then we can let go of the negative feelings because there is a force larger than us that will bring balance for us.

This also goes the other way as well.  If we continue to be good people and perform good deeds each day, Karma will eventually reward us for our efforts.  Whether you want to believe in the concept, it certainly can be a comforting form of reasoning to ease our troubled minds.  I am tired of watching abuser get away with misdeeds against others, but my belief in Karmic Law gives me the ability to let go of the negativity that hangs on long after the abuse.

Letting go of negative feelings and thoughts is half the battle when striving toward better mental health.  The other have is rebuilding our strength.  Have faith that Karma will bring balance back to your life and that of others.  Know that there is a force out there working behind the scenes that will reward good and punish bad.  We want to see the results of course, but you just have to trust that nature will find the balance eventually whether we can see it or not.

I know this can be a bit of stretch for some, but changing how we view things can have wonderful effects on our peace of mind.  Believe in the idea of Karma and start letting go of vengeful thoughts and feelings, it is good for you and that is all that matters.  Let go of negativity so you can begin rebuilding your strength and happiness.

Let Karma do its job so you can get on with your life.  Focus on good thoughts today!  Change your thinking and improve your attitude towards life itself.  Karma's got your back and will bring order back to your universe, so trust in it and move forward through the chaos.

Be well and have a great day

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