Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Taking Positive Action: Step 4

Now that we have an attitude for positive change, taken a solid self-assessment, and have produced some goals for our own self-improvement, we are ready to take on Step 4.  This step is the most fun, but it can also be quite challenging for those who are still struggling a lot.  Small goals or big goals are not the point here, this is about taking action with a well-assessed plan in place.  The better you get at this step the easier it becomes.

Because we have looked at ourselves and performed a caring and empathetic assessment, we now see that the goals we are setting for ourselves are things that will make us happier and more at peace with the world.  Taking action awakens our inner resolve and you can feed off of this energy.  My goal in this program was to get myself writing again each day so that I could move forward in my life.  Every day I write a new post I feel like I have gotten something off of my chest, and I can breathe more easily.

Now it is time to take action for you!  Choose your realistic and attainable goal, and set yourself a timeframe in which to complete it.  I wanted to post at least 2 blogs daily and remove 10-15 thought conflicts each week.  I set an attainable and realistic goal for myself and achieved it within the time frame I had set for it.  I can take that as a success and set a new goal for myself, and so on and so on...

I am saying that you can do the same.  Set those goals and push yourself to achieve them, it is that simple.  Yes, some days you will not be able to complete things, and don't let this discourage you.  Don't look at improvement on a daily basis, look at the positive change over time.  If it takes 3 weeks to complete a goal that you wanted to complete in 1 week, this is still success.  Only the positive change matters, not the time frame.  The time frame is merely and incentive to push your inner self towards the goal you want.

I have no doubt that most of the changes and goals you seek will make you a happier person, that is the point.  Be happier because you want to be.  If you are having trouble setting goals for yourself and your brain is simply too overwhelmed to pick anything specific, I am going to suggest writing of some sort.  I have been writing about blogging and journaling over the past few days leading up to Step 4.  Don't think about what you are going to do with the things you write, just write them.

Writing is a great way to take positive action for yourself.  It gives you the opportunity to stop and work on yourself for a period of time, and to focus on how you can feel and think more positively.  If you want your writing to remain private then take those precautions and don't blog unless you want to share it with others.

Start practicing goal completion in Step 4 and begin clearing your mind of clutter.  This step will come up again later in the program because it is the most important one.  We can think about our problems all day but until we take action, nothing will change.  Start taking positive action for yourself no matter how small and menial you may consider the action to be.

Baby steps lead to giant leaps and I am hoping you will look back at this in a few weeks and be proud of all the actions you have taken.  If you are looking for some good tips to get you start with your writing, I like this page at tinybuddha.com for ways to get you writing.

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