Sunday, November 6, 2016

Strengths and Weaknesses: You Are A Survivor!

Inner conflict creates confusion and weakness within ourselves.  The more of conflict we have, the weaker we become.  Many of us get stuck in this downward spiral that causes anxiety and depression. The conflicts continually beat at our armour and strength while weakening our resolve.  So how do we stop this downward spiral?

Although removing inner conflicts will begin to stop , or at least slow down the barrage of negativity being thrown at us constantly, we cannot build on weakness,  we can only build on strength. So what is the strength that all of us sufferers have in common?  We get stuck in these low places and often feel that we have no strength left to build upon.  The overwhelming feelings of negativity never seem to relent.

Where do we find this inner strength to start building our resolve again?  You are a survivor?  Every day that you wake up to  new day you need to remind yourself what you have survived.  Remind yourself of all of the conflicts you have already resolved even in your weakest states.  You have suffered in your mental health, possibly for years, yet here you are.  I tip my hat to you all!  The so-called rich and powerful in the world would likely not have survived what you have been through.

You are a survivor and you need to start being proud of that fact.  When your mind keeps dragging you back to things you would rather not think about, face them as a survivor.  Show your past that no matter what it throws at you, you will survive and persevere.  Every time you resolve a conflict or weakness for yourself, you are lessening your fear.  Lessening your fear reduces your anxiety towards the world.  Reducing your anxiety begins to allow you to build strength again.

This may all sound simplistic to complex problems but that is exactly what I am trying to do.  Use metaphor and analogies to make sense of yourself.  Understand that your strengths are quite awesome when you take a closer look.  Look at feeling sad each day yet still offering the best attitude you can.  That is an awesome strength to have.

Once you take a closer look at your strengths and realize what you have already survived through, you will begin to rebuild that fire within that you have when you were a child.  You have survived through so much and need to remind yourself of that each day.  I can only imagine your struggles, and if they are even half as bad as my own, then I am truly impressed with you as a person.

 Build on this strength and your own inner peace.  Look for thing that make you happy each day, and when the negativity tries to pull you back, step forward with a new found strength.

Stay Strong!

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