Thursday, November 24, 2016

Straight Talk About Mental Health

I have talked about the purpose of this blog and that I am trying to help people learn more about mental health issues so you will gain a better understanding of yourselves, and those around you.  I expect that parts of it will evolve and change as we move forward here.  I am considering changing the name of it but not the purpose.  I want to help increase mental health literacy levels but it is a pretty boring name.

I am considering something like Straight Talk About Mental Health or something in that realm of thinking.  I am attempting to share some matter-of-fact information and conversation about mental health in the hopes that it gets others to better understand the issues and to relieve some of the stigma attached to mental health.  I will continue to write honestly and briefly about issues which I think are important to many, and things that I can truly relate to.

I am hoping that we will start some discussion about certain topics as well.  Knowledge is power and the knowledge needed to acquire better mental health is out there and accessible.  I am not going to share research and statistics or 'educational' style articles.  I do like writing them but most people don't like to read them.  I just want to provide some brief reads each day which will help push you forward in your own learning.

Don't hesitate to comment at anytime, and especially if you have a good idea that you would like to share about the name.  I have a knack for helping youth and young adults understand things they need to learn because I do my best to speak at a level that everyone can understand, and I do it with an abundance of empathy.  I simply care about other people.  I am not sure what caused my urge to want to help others in life, but I am surely not complaining.

I believe some of us were put here on Earth to ease the suffering of others, and I also believe that if we can create a community of caring people who have the same calling, we can begin to make positive changes in the world.  I hope you are enjoying the straight talk provided and that you are able to take something positive and helpful from the articles you reading.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing from you in the future!  If you find this blog at all helpful please share it on your facebook page or whichever social media you use.  A few shares will help to get others talking about mental health as well.
Be Well

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