Saturday, November 5, 2016

Self-Reflection Is A Must For Better Mental Health

The only way to fix your thinking is through self-reflection.  The answer are not out there, they are inside of you.  How we view and perceive the world is how we will feel about it.  This part is our choice.  I am positive person for the most part because I choose to see the good in things, but we all have things that are difficult to view in a positive manner.  These are things that eat away at us and poison our spirit.

There are others who will try to guide you to your way of thinking, but you must consider if they have your best interests in mind or their own.  This is where I will share a bit of my own self-reflection at this point so you can view how the process works.  I use a lot of self-reflection to weed out the bad thoughts that plague my thinking processes.

When I close my eyes and calm my mind I am filled with conflicted peace.  I can feel the peacefulness that I found years ago, yet there are thoughts that are continually trying to pull me from that peaceful state as of late.  At first, in my 'beaten down' state, I was resentful towards certain others because of how I was feeling, and struggled to understand how someone could treat me so poorly.

It took me a while but eventually I was able to stop taking it personally.  There is something wrong with them, not with me.  Because their actions and behaviours were affecting me so dramatically, I was constantly finding fault with myself and believed that I was in the wrong.  Once I spent many hours reflecting on my issue and inner conflict I was able to understand that I was feeling resentment which was becoming toxic to me.

I finally realized after much reflection that if I stopped taking it personally and used my empathy to realize that the person's problems are theirs and not mine, I began to empathize instead of wanting retribution.  It is very difficult to do this when we are suffering while still seeing the others continue as though nothing is wrong.

Now that I have been able to remove most of the toxic thought, I am using my writing to move forward for me.  The world has become filled with sociopaths and narcissists and learning how to identify them is the best way to overcome the abuse we suffer at the hands of others.  Look more closely at those in the business world and government and determine whether they truly have your best interests in mind, or whether they are doing what they do for personal recognition and personal gain.

These people will seem nice and good when you meet them and they are very good at creating a persona that will draw you into their world.  What you won't see is the manipulation and the clever tricks being used without you even knowing.  These types of relationships can go on for a long time without you even knowing you are being abused.  You will just be left with an empty feeling and feelings of frustration because you empathic self cannot understand how someone could treat you this way.  Especially when it is someone you trust or at least believe you can trust.

I will add more information about this as I reflect more, but in the mean time check to see if others have empathy for others or whether it is a fake persona they are creating.  This is a key to identifying abusive people.  These people will often make you question yourself and your own values and empathy.  If you truly care about others and try to help where you can without expecting anything in return, then you have empathy and are safe from one of these horrible mental illnesses.

Don't let others abuse you, you are better than that and do not deserve it, nobody does.  If someone is robbing you of your peace, get away from them no matter what it takes.  If someone is stealing your good energy and offering none in return, they are likely toxic and you will want to create distance from them.

Reflect on your own peace and inner conflicts and you will find the truth in there.  Find what is removing your peace and let it go for you, not for them.  Find what adds to your peace and reflect on it as much as possible because it is your inner self trying to show you the right way.  Surround yourself with others who care about you as much as you do them.

Your mental health matters and should be nurtured.  If someone is not helping you to nurture your well being, they don't have your best interests at heart because they likely don't have one themselves. Spend some time in self-reflection today and let go of toxic thoughts about others because they don't care about you, so stop caring about the.

I will not write from a negative standpoint very often but when I need to get a point across I will use it to help others understand.  I hope for good mental health for all, even those who don't deserve it.  If we all improve our thinking and mental well-being, the world will become a much better place to live.

Be well and have a great day!

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