Thursday, November 10, 2016

Practice Makes Progress-Step 5

I am hoping you have been able to get started on the goals you set for yourself. Setting specific goals will help you to start completing tasks and process unresolved thoughts.  Hopefully you are well on your way to taking on these goals to guide you through your self-improvement.  Step 5 now involves looking at the goals you have set for yourself, and to see if you have been able to move forward with them.

If you haven't been able to yet, that is okay too.  This is the stage where simply trying to get started can be difficult in its own sense.  The more you try, the more chances you will have to succeed.  Either way, practice is so very important at this point.  You will want to analyze your own progress and take anything that has forward movement as a success, and use it to build upon.  If you have completed tasks for yourself already, that is wonderful.

Now take a look at how you did it and where you found the 'will' to get them done. This is the feeling you want to reward yourself with, it is a sense of accomplishment.  The more you practice all of the skills through Step 5, the better you will get at starting and completing thoughts and tasks, and the better you will begin to feel overall.  Every time you complete something or at least try to complete a task or thought, the more you will see your own forward movement upon your own path.

By doing this step over and over again until you get it right, you will be conditioning yourself and creating the skills need to overcome any problem you may have.  Start small and build up.  Just as going to a gym and targeting certain muscles will help to build your strength in them, the more you work on your ability to set and complete goals, the better this skill will become.

Don't expect that you will be successful all the time in the beginning or you may be setting yourself up for personal failures.  This is where you want to remind yourself to make your goals something that is attainable in your present condition, and that they are things that you can realistically complete in the time frames you set for yourself.  Success comes with trying.  As long as you are trying, your inner self will be proud of you, and that is what matters.

Keep reworking your goals until you are satisfied that they are complete, or at least you tried your best.  Working step 5 will help you to condition your own behaviours to something that is more positive for you.  The more you practice working on your goals, the easier it will become to work them from beginning to end.  Simply get started and find some relief for yourself.

Take care and Be well

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