Monday, November 7, 2016

Positivism: Can We Think Too Positively?

There are people in the world who are seemingly positive all of the time.  There are also those who live each day through positive affirmations.  Being positive in nature can be a very good quality to have, but how much is too much?  Can we think too positively?

Many self-help books sell positiveness and how to change your life through positive thinking and positive affirmation.  The premise is often a good one and it can help us to see the world around us in a different light, especially when we are suffering through negative times in our lives.  I have tried the positive approach to life and spent many years practicing the idea in the search for happiness and peace.  Here is what I learned.

People who are positive all the time tend to get taken advantage of more often than those who are not.  Being positive and nice are often taken for weakness and easy-going, making us easy targets for predators such as narcissists and those with sociopathic tendencies.  Although having a positive attitude can help us to have a better outlook on life itself, we need to be careful.

We live in a world where people gain power and get rich off the backs of hard working positive people, and many will stop at nothing to use all the positivity you have to offer without a care that you are being drained and burned out.  First of all, don't force positiveness, grow it from within.  Learn to feel positive rather than faking it.  Use affirmations to give you a boost and let that feeling grow from within.

I have remained a positive person for the most part, even during these tough times I have been experiencing.  What I learned was to add in 'realism' along with my positivism.  When we are positive all of the time, we are often setting ourselves up for disappointment and failure, especially when the world around us can be anything but positive.  Adding realism helps to bring us back to the present.

A realist attempts to see the world in an objective and factual way, while using logical reasoning to see the reality of the world, instead of a glossed over version.  Look at the world with all of the positiveness you can muster, especially if you are depressed or feeling down right now, but inject realism in as well.   Look at the world as it is and then try to find the positive things within that.

This will help you to find the good in anything, the silver lining if you will, and with practice the little things will be easier to see.  Once you begin seeing the positive in everything while still being realistic about, you are on your way to the contented perception you have been seeking.

Don't leave the house in the morning thinking everything will be perfect, that is what over positive people do;  leave the house with eyes wide open and a positive attitude that you will see the good wherever you can find it.  The more you see the world for what it is while still keeping a positive attitude, the stronger you will be, and the stronger mental health will become.

Have a positively realistic day!

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