Thursday, November 10, 2016

Overcoming Anxiety-There Is Hope

I have started this part of my blog to share a journey of understanding and acceptance in regards to anxiety.  Anxiety disorders are very real and so is the panic that follows it when uncontrolled.  I will share a better understanding about anxiety; how you can cope with it and how to eventually overcome it.
The information I will be sharing is based on real life experience and followed by an abundance of educational upgrading.  I have lived through the pits of panic and the anguish of anxiety, and have emerged on the other side, medication free.  I have been medication free for a few years and have been able to sustain my calm demeanor while suffering from little to no anxiety.  You must also understand that I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder at 16 years of age and I am now in my 40's.   For over 25 years I suffered, mostly in silence, while raising my children and doing my best to remain stable enough to provide a decent life for them.  It is my belief that the suppression of my anxieties led to my chronic pain and a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia which I have suffered with for many years now.
I don't want any pity for this, these were my personal life lessons and I would not ever trade what I have learned, nor do I have regrets.  Emerging from the other side of this was my chance to finally rise above the fog.  It took a few months to clean out my system of the prescription drugs my doctor had me on for all of those years, but once they were gone, I felt like I was seeing the world for the first time once again.
I was fortunate that spring had hit around this time because I was able to reconnect with nature once again, which provided me the strength to deal with the mental trials of decades of suppressed anxiety.  I began to challenge every stressor within me one at a time, and found that I was able to beat a few of them with logic and reason.  Mind over matter was very possible if I could simply find a quiet spot to pause life for a while and work on my own personal internal issues.  This is the process that not only brought understanding to me once again, but it also provided me with the wisdom to fix my own anxiety issues and to never have a panic attack again.
Don't get me wrong, I still feel anxiety each and every day, I just know what to do with that anxiety now as opposed to it doing something to me.  This one realization helped me to literally change my life to something much better and much more fulfilling.  I slowly learned to control my anxiety so that it could never take control of me again.  This is not a simple patch for coping like the pills were, this was a complete reversal of thought, and a tool for me to never have an anxiety or panic attack again.
My plan is to share this tool with readers one day at a time.  I will help with coping skills to aid you in getting through the day to day crap of our out-of-control society, while also showing you to challenge and overcome your anxieties.  I have learned the way out of the pit and you too can do it.  Continue to read and please comment if you have any questions or remarks.
Choose to have a good day today, it is always the foundation on which to start!
Be Well

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