Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Nothing Good Ever Comes Easily

If you want anything good to happen in this world you have to work at it.  It would be easy to tell you that there are quick fixes and cures for all of the ailments plaguing the world right now, but I can't do that.  I will continue to tell you that if you want better health, either physical or mental, you will have to work at it.  I also realize that most people say that they want the truth, but really most people want at the very least, a sugar coated version of the truth, or to hear what will make them feel better.

So we continue to enable poor behaviours and actions of others by 'being nice' and not really telling others what they need to hear, only what they want to hear.  Who does this feed?  It feeds the ego and not the soul.  It feeds those that want power and gain for themselves  It feeds the sociopaths and narcissists that run the business world and governments.  Telling people what they want to hear feeds the wrong people.  We should be feeding the spirits of those other good people who are trying to improve themselves and make the world a better place.

Mental health issues are rooted deep within and are often the result of something that happened early in our lives.  The things that we learn through our childhood become the platforms that we base further learning on as we age.  If we have learned things wrong during the early stages of our developmental growth, the misinformation carries forward.  If you learn that a fish is a tree and nobody ever tells you differently, you will always believe that a fish is a tree.

Our mental health issues are similar to this.  For example, if a person is physically abused for years, they will believe the behavior to be normal until learning otherwise.  If we have deep rooted fears or sadness from our younger years, this can be projected throughout the rest of our lives.  Because these behaviors and beliefs are deep rooted within us, they are difficult to change, but they can be with effort.

The world is somewhat chaotic and is a difficult place to live each day.  All we have is ourselves.  The better our state of mind, the easier it is to deal with the negativity that surrounds us all.  If you feel the need to push yourself to get out of the pit, then start with putting effort into yourself.  Take the deep rooted misinformation and start to correct it.

Use your own wisdom and experience to correct values and ethics that you learned incorrectly in your youth.  Be a realist and look at the world from an objective standpoint.  You will make better decisions and start to work out the cognitive dissonance that is berating your mind.  Be good and kind but don't let others take advantage of your goodness.

I apologize if I am a little off track today in my writing.  I have been struggling physically for a few weeks now and focus is not always my friend right now.  I am still 'selling' the idea of blogging for better mental health because I can look back at my posts from the past few weeks and clearly see which days were good, and which ones I struggled through.  It certainly keeps the mind clear during the low times!

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