Monday, November 7, 2016

More Blogging To Better Mental Health

Do blogging and journaling really help our mental health? Absolutely!  I explained in an earlier article about thinking of your brain as a fishbowl filled with marbles.  The marbles represent unprocessed thoughts that continue to go around and around until we take the time to work them out.  When we remove marbles, we get relief.  As we remove unprocessed thoughts from our mind, it becomes quieter and has more room to take on new thoughts that we encounter each day.

I started this blog 3 weeks ago and have written more than 50 new posts.  Each one of these was a problem or unprocessed thought that I need to reason out for myself.  I have taken more than 50 marbles out of the bowl and I can honestly tell you that my mind becomes more clear each day.  Up until I began writing again, my brain felt full and foggy for quite a long while.  Since I have been processing thoughts again each day I find that I am feeling better mentally.

Blogging does work.  For me, I write when a good idea comes into my head, and I don't stop until I finish the thought.  I don't edit what I have written, I simply publish it and don't ever read it again unless I really have to.  Once I have reasoned a thought process and written it out, I find that it is no longer 'rolling around' up there in my head.  I use it as a counseling technique as well.

Because I have used it in the past and found much success with it, I have shared my methods with others who have benefited from writing as well.  Start a blog or a journal and give it a try.  If you need some help with the simple set up and ways to get started, email me and I will be happy to help.  I will be sharing some ways to get started in an upcoming blog as well.  If you start a blog and aren't ready to share your words with the world yet, don't publish them, just save them for yourself.

I find that posting them to the internet frees them from my mind so that I can move onto new and progressive thoughts.  Start getting some of those unprocessed thoughts out of your mind no matter which way works for you.  Getting ready of one, two or a few at a time is helpful, and after a few days and weeks of it, you will notice a big difference.

Good luck in your writing and if you do decide to start a blog and need some readers, email me your address and I will check it out.  Thanks for reading and I truly hope you find some peace this week!

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