Monday, November 21, 2016

Learning To Control Our Thought Processes

I have shared ways to reduce symptoms and relieve suffering, but how do we go about building on our strengths?  The mind becomes more stable as we remove unprocessed thoughts and unresolved conflicts, but if we want to begin building our mental strength and resiliency, we need to do a little forced thinking.  This is where you start thinking about things you would like to think about, as opposed to being overwhelmed by thoughts in uncontrolled ways.

Being able to choose your thoughts at will should be a natural thing, but for most people it is not that easy.  Our brains our so filled with extraneous information that trying to focus on one thought for more than a few seconds can be difficult.  We can use some mindfulness training or meditation techniques to help calm our minds, but we need to add in a new component; choosing our thoughts carefully.

If there is something that you truly enjoy and have a passion for, you should be able to concentrate on it for more than a few moments.  This is simply an exercise in forcing our brain to process thoughts in a controlled way.  The more we can control our thinking the better we get at it, and the stronger our hold is on our own thoughts.

We know there are other thoughts there in our minds just waiting to be looked at, but rather than blocking the thoughts, learn to control which ones you would like to choose to process.  The method that I use is to ask myself deep and meaningful questions.  I am a lover of philosophy and theology, and enjoy asking myself the big questions like, 'what is the meaning of our existence?' or 'who am I?',  These types of questions take us deep within ourselves so you have to be careful how deep you go.

By using a Socratic questioning method, I continue to ask myself questions until I receive suitable answers.  It allows me to control which questions are asked so that I get the answers I am searching for.  By doing this on a regular basis, I have learned to control which thoughts I want to process, and when I want to process them.

If you are looking to take better control of your thoughts, and to stabilize your mind, start strengthening it by controlling your thought streams.  If you want to find the deeper meaning to something, look within and ask questions.  The more answers you find, the more questions you will want to ask.  The more often you take the time to control your thought processes, the better your ability will become to do this naturally.

I am hoping to start a new book this week.  I decided it was time to write one of the philosophical books that I have been considering for a while now, in order to show you methods of self-questioning when you are looking deeper within your own mind.  The premise of the book will have something to do with the history of existence and I plan to use a lot of metaphorical reasoning and analogies to explain my thoughts.

The answers to the greatest questions are within us all, we just have to look for them.  The more you search for answers, the more you will find, and the more in control you will become.  Enjoy your mind and care for it, it is the only one we get!

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