Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Inner Peace: Not a 'Mystical' Journey

When I use the term 'inner peace', I have nothing attached to the term other than was we would learn in a dictionary.  It is not some magical or mystical place we need to find, it is simply the quiet within us.  I will use references to philosophy or religions when talking about find the path, but that is because the information is helpful.  Whether you want to believe in the story of the Buddha does not matter, it is the information provided in the stories which is helpful and important.

I am not a religious person but I love the stories that they tell.  I believe they all have excellent lessons about morality and basic human values, and they all have some sort of prophet who likely found some form of enlightenment.  In order to find enlightenment, you first need to find that quiet spot within you where inner peace exists.  Stop for a moment and try to focus on moments between your thoughts, that is the quiet you are looking for.  

The longer you experience these moments, the more you will appreciate how nice the quiet is.  The longer you can hold onto those moments, the more in control you become of your thoughts.  Now imagine being able to hold onto that quiet peace all of the time.  It is absolutely blissful and this is where you will find enlightenment as well.  The inner peace calms everything about you, and rather than having random thoughts shooting around all of the time, you are able to pick the thoughts you want to think rather than being plagued by unwanted ones.

If you want better mental health and to improve whatever issues you may have within, you will want to get control over your thinking processes rather than having them control you.  Using relaxation techniques such as meditation or mindfulness can help us to attain a better level of inner peace.  Anything that you do which gets you 'out of your head' for a little while will have meditative qualities.  For me I like to do yardwork or walk my dog,

After reading both good and bad articles on the internet today in regards to better mental health (yes I still do daily research as well for my own well-being), I learned that there are way to may people out there offering quick fixes and bandaid solutions.  This bothers me because they offer false hope to people and get them thinking that there is a quick fix to their serious problems  I am not saying that some of the methods they use would not be helpful, I just don't like when they offer a goal of 'inner peace' or 'happiness' or 'enlightenment' or 'awakening'.  

These are all excellent goals but you should realize that there are no quick and easy fixes for mental health issues, and there are not shortcuts to those goals listed above.  It takes time and effort to find the path that will work for you, and your path will be different from mine and everyone else's.  I can tell you that we all have that quiet place within us, but for some it will be harder to find than others.  Just knowing that it is there is a good start.

Even the 'step' program that I am sharing will show you that it takes effort to achieve inner peace.  Nothing good ever really comes cheaply or easily, and if you want to find that peaceful state, you need to really care about you and want to be a better version of yourself.  Imagine not having to worry about anything anymore.  It is a wonderful state to live within.  You can choose to have concern and empathy for others but you will no longer be plagued by 'worry' which is an absolutely useless thing.

Don't be fooled by 'get well quick' schemes or having someone 'show you the path' to inner peace, the path is yours to create.  The reward is the same for all, a quiet and controlled mind and a more peaceful existence.  Finding inner peace is only part of the journey, once you find it you will want to keep it, I guarantee it.  Keeping the state of inner peace is the next part of the journey and we will work at that in the near future.

Good luck and be well on your path!

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