Wednesday, November 9, 2016

"I Think Therefore I Am"-Who Am I?

" I think therefore I am" is a famous quote by Rene Descartes.  It has some very deep meanings but for my purpose at this moment, it means that because I have the ability to think, I exist.  If I exist then the next question I will as is 'who am I?'.  This seems like a simple thing but it is very profound question to ask ourselves.  Ask yourself right now and see what answers you come up with, and are the answers natural or do they feel forced?

When I ask myself this question I come up with a multitude of answers, and many of them apply to 'what I am', as opposed to who I am.  When I re-ask the question of myself I begin to determine who I truly think I am, from my own perspective.  Many of us don't want to ask this question because we are afraid of what the answers may be.  The thing is though, if we don't know who we are, how can we truly understand ourselves.

I spent some time as a guidance counselor and I worked mostly with young adults who were struggling somewhat.  I use my experience, skills and training to determine who I think they are, and to help them find their path again.  I see the good in people until I am given reasons not to.  Every one of them is a good person trying to find the path back to themselves.  I simply do my best to help them back onto that path so they can travel in the direction they want to go.

That is what I am attempting to do with my blog.  Help troubled souls find their way back onto a path that will bring you back to who you are.  Who am I? I am an empathetic human being who takes pleasure in helping others find their way.  I don't know how to take you down your path, only how to help you find it again.  No matter what I have been through in my own life, I have always found my path again, and I want to help you find yours.

Continually ask yourself 'who am I', and don't stop until you begin to like the answers you are receiving.  You exist and therefore your life matters just as much as the next one.  Find out who you are and who you want to be.  Grow and build on your strengths and resolve your weaknesses.  Become who you are and find the peace you are searching for.

We can only be content with ourselves if we are happy with the path that we are on.

Be Well

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