Thursday, November 10, 2016

How To Deal With Flare-ups and Illness

We all have times when things are better than others, but it is the bad times that question our resolve.  If you are a healthy person, when you get sick you suffer for a short period of time for the most part, and then go back to normal.  When you are already suffering each day from a physical or mental illness, and you get sick or have a flare-up, it can be crippling.  It can take much longer to get over the sickness and there is unfortunately not a 'normal' state to look forward to getting back to.  It may be your normal state, but it is not a state of wellness.

There is a virus going around in our area right now, and many are suffering for weeks from it.  Even normally healthy people are struggling.  What I have noticed is that the normally healthy people are over it in a week or so, whereas those that I know who suffer from day to day with an invisible illness, they are struggling much longer, including myself.  It has been tough on many over the past few weeks but i can certainly see who has the mental strength and who does not.

It seems that those who suffer on a regular basis have a much better attitude about life, even while having almost crippling symptoms.  It is nice to see that those who suffer on a regular basis can rise above their horrible symptoms and still keep a positive attitude for the most part.  This shows an awesome quality that we often miss in people who suffer from mental and physical illness on a regular basis, they are much more strong willed, and have much more inner resolve than others do.

If you think that your suffering is doing nothing positive for you, think again.  Your suffering is teaching you to persevere through the worst possible feelings, and still be able to function.  You are becoming stronger on the inside, although it does not feel that way most of the time.  I find that the more negative things I suffer through, the easier it is to deal with the world.  If I can handle what I consider to be a horrible situation, other situations affect me less.  I am seeing that in other sufferers as well, and I will stand up and tell you that you should be proud of yourself.

Whether you are suffering from depression, or chronic fatigue, or fibromyalgia, or anxiety, or any other affliction, and you still survive each day with a good attitude, you should feed off of this.  Your inner resolve and strength grow more each day as you make it through another.  Good for you!  You don't even let extra viruses get you down for long.  This is progress whether you can see it or not.

Every time you survive another flare-up or sickness, you are becoming stronger on the inside.  When you take away the material world all you have left is your spirit and strength of will.  Continue to build on it and life will get better.  Face each troubled situation with will of a warrior knowing that you have already survived so much.

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