Friday, November 25, 2016

Hope May Be The Solution

It is easy to talk about problems because they are right there in front of us each day.  I spent the past few weeks discussing an array of mental health issues and did my best to identify some of the more pertinent problems being experienced currently.  A lot of the focus has been on different invisible illnesses because there are simply so many of them, and so many people are suffering from them.  I plan to move forward and begin offering ideas and solutions.

I have decided to write an ongoing saga about 'climbing out of the pit of despair'.  What I have learned is that so many people share similar feelings of desolation and despair, and have no idea where to start climbing out of the darkness.  Even when you are climbing out it often feels like quicksand keeps pulling you back.  I am going to start at the bottom of the pit and construct a plan to get out, and move on with life.

I like to believe that we all have something in common; we know what 'rock bottom' feels like and don't want to spend any more time there than we must.  When we hit the bottom, or are close to it, it is very difficult to take the first step, but we must if we want things to improve.  No matter how desolate and alone we feel there is something we can always turn to for solace, hope.  It is hard to have hope when we are at our lowest points, but we can choose to give up or choose to have hope.

Hope is where I will be starting the saga and will use it to find a way out of the pit.  I may get somewhat philosophical and I love to use metaphorical language when describing things, but I will do my best to write a simple narrative that gets the point across.  I will do my best to use words and descriptions that all can understand easily, and also keep things as grammatically proper as possible.

I will use a logical fallacy of opposites to begin this philosophical journey of greater understanding. Another thing that all of us have in common is that we will eventually cease to exist here on Earth at some point.  When have completed our journey here, there are only two possibilities, we blink from existence forever, or there is something else.  If you are an atheist, you believe there is nothing else.  If you are a person of any faith, you believe there is something else.

I will attempt to offer some theories of what that 'something else' could represent, but mostly I will focus on what it signifies instead.  I believe the idea of 'something else' comes with hope and faith in something.  I simply can not convince myself that we blink from existence, and there is no hope to be had in the ideology anyhow.

We will take the idea of hope and run with it for now.  We can determine possibilities and learn to have faith in something better than we have right now.  This is what religions have offered for thousands of years, but unfortunately corruption has ruined many of them.  If you are at or near the bottom of the pit right now, choose hope and use it like a rope to pull you out.  We can choose nothing, or we can choose hope, so choose hope and begin searching for a way out of your own pit.

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