Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Healing Mental Wounds

Let's use an analogy to better understand our own mental health.  It often gets confusing when dealing with our mental state because we cannot physically see the issue put in front of us.  When we  suffer a wound to our physical selves, we know to stop the bleeding and to cover it so it will not get infected.  We can watch the healing process over time and take steps to aid in the healing.  So what do we do when we can not see the wound and don't know how to keep it from getting infected?

Let's use an example of someone saying something very hurtful to us to analyze the healing process.  Think of the hurtful comments as a knife causing invisible wounds to our mental state.  Often we will suffer the wound and push it out of our minds so that we can hide from it and forget about it.  If we did that with a physical wound, it would fester and become infected, and it is the same with a mental wound.

Now, if you had cuts all over your body and did not tend to them, your physical self would begin to deteriorate until something is done to aid in the healing process.  Your mental state of being is the same way.  If your mind and heart are covered in invisible cuts, they will sit there and fester until the healing process begins.  When I talk about inner conflicts, I am talking about these invisible wounds.  The more wounds we have, the more we are controlled by their effects.

If you are depressed or anxious, or dealing with other inner turmoils, start to see each part of that turmoil as an open wound that needs to be healed.  Even though we can't physically see our mental state of being, we certainly know it is there.  If you are feeling anything but peace then it means that there are unhealed wounds still within you.

With physical wounds we can treat them and put bandages on.  We can't do this with mental wounds.  We can use reason and logic to begin the healing process though.  Stop the progress of infection by looking at the hurtful and negative thought processes and finding ways to stem the negativity that flows from your inner wounds.  Think of your reasoning as the antibiotics required to stop the infection and start the healing process.

Use this analogy to take a physical look at an invisible issue.  Put your negative thoughts in front of you and begin healing them.  Don't just put bandages on them and hide them away, they will continue to fester and poison your mental health.  Heal them through reason and love for yourself.  Use your critical thinking skills and reasoning to close the wounds and start your healing process.

Just like the healing process in our physical bodies, it takes time.  We know that if we don't heal our wounds that we will not be completely healthy.  Begin healing your inner wounds so you can be mentally healthy.  If you want better physical health you must change the way you think about health, there is no quick fix.

 It comes down to living a healthier lifestyle, not just some diet or workout routine.  Change the way you think about your own mental health and choose a healthier lifestyle that includes regular mental health checkups.  Start healing your wounds so you can finally find the peace within yourself that we are all searching for.

Be Well and have a wonderful day!

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