Sunday, November 13, 2016

From Anxiety To Enlightenment

As someone who has spent a majority of my life with bursts of uncontrolled anxiety and panic, I feel a need to share parts of my own journey in the hopes that others will find some helpful information that may ease theirs.  I have covered many topics over the past few weeks in an attempt to focus my own mind on the greatest issues.  I will continue to write about 'invisible illnesses' because this signifies so many different mental and physical health issues, and there are many symptoms that they all share.

Because invisible illnesses share so many real symptoms, we can use these to gain a greater understanding of how to create coping mechanisms and better deal with them.  The mass sharing of information on the internet gives us the ability to share in the successes of others, and to use their success to create some for ourselves.  I will be focusing much of my writing on anxiety and depression because I have an abundance of experience with both the symptoms and the research that goes along with them.

Sufferers of mental and physical health issues are the greatest advocates on the planet.  They understand what they 'feel' like, as opposed to just the theories and information surrounding the issues.  It is one thing to have a 'professional' help with these issues, but if they have never been through the experience themselves, then they know very little about how to help.  Information and knowledge alone mean very little without experience and action. 

Depression keeps us rooted in the past.  We all go through depressive states at times in our lives, especially when there is a build-up of negativity following us, but some are affected much more than others.  Uncontrolled depression and negative thinking causes so much more than just physical distress; it has huge ramifications on our mental health because we can't move forward no matter how we try during the 'low' times.  

Depression also causes anxiety and the vicious loop begins.  Because we still want to live our lives to the fullest, but have little energy to do so, this cause constant feelings of anxiety due to the negative outlook being cause to our future perceptions.  A negative view of the future causes more anxiety which leads us further into our depressed state of mind.  How do we stop it?

There are two good choices if you want to get started.  One is to spend time reflecting, either with those you trust, a mental health counselor, or with yourself.  Start resolving some of the negative issues that are dragging you down, one at a time.  The more issues you resolve, the more positive your outlook will begin to be.  The second way is to better understand your anxiety.  

Anxiety is caused by our impending doom of our perceived future.  Our depression causes fear and inner conflict, and when we view any possibilities of future outcomes, we inject fear into them. Reduce your fears and the future will become brighter.  When you are thinking about a possible future event ask yourself why you are feeling anxiety and fear, instead of having a sense of wonder and excitement.

I would have to assume that prophets from the past went through stages of anxiety and depression while learning to better understand themselves.  We mostly only hear their stories after they became enlightened.  To become enlightened, one must suffer first.  If you have been suffering for a long time, it is very difficult to see something better in the future, but all of that suffering you have been through means something.  You have great will and mental strength which will give you the resiliency to survive anything.

Look at the world right now, it is a pretty scary place.  It is no wonder that so many people are suffering from anxiety, especially when the outlook seems to bleak.  The world is changing and more people are searching for enlightenment every day.  Each person will have to go through suffering to get there though.  If you are suffering and have been for years, I believe this will come to an end soon.  

We are evolving and adapting to a new technological world and it feels forced for so many people.  It is happening out of necessity for humanity and it certainly would have been nice to have more time to adapt.  As the world changes, our perceptions and priorities will change as well.  Things may have to break down completely to start over again. 

 "The meek will inherit the Earth".  The meek to me are the sufferers.  The ones who are suffering right now are the ones with the mental strength to persevere and bring empathy back to the world, although I know it does not feel that way right now.  It is time to build strength and use it to help others who are struggling.

Change your anxiety into fuel rather than fear.  When you feel that overwhelming fear and panic, use the energy to face your fears and conquer depression.  I know it is easy to say in words, but I live it every day and know there is something better for all of us.  I have felt true peace and it is awesome. I will find it again soon as I reason it out here on the blog.. It is my hope that my journey will inspire and urge others to seek peace as well.  Enlightenment and peace are synonymous to me and it is a state of pure bliss.  Spread your story and help to bring peace back to a planet that truly needs it. 

Anxiety and depression can not exist in a true state of peace!

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