Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Finding Peace Within Can Be OverWhelming

Trying to calm ourselves within can be a very difficult thing to do.  We will often say that we wish we had five minutes of peace during the day, or something to that effect, but finding that peace can be overwhelming at times.  We can usually find the time if we really want it, but trying to make those moments peaceful is another story completely, especially if you suffer from anxiety or depression.

If you struggle with your mental health, sometimes the hardest part in overcoming your issues is getting started.  When we close our eyes and try to focus on one or two thoughts we can be overwhelmed by a flood of thoughts once' the gate are open'.  This is a common issue, and how we deal with it and view this feeling can be a crucial part in setting ourselves on a successful path.

I often use analogies and metaphors when explaining these things to others and I will use one here that has helped often.  Think about your brain and mind as a bowl of marbles.  Imagine there are a thousand marbles in the bowl and these are your thoughts and perceived problems.  If I asked you to remove all of the marbles at once without dumping the bowl, it would be an overwhelming task.

When we look at our brain/mind and see all of the thoughts we are presented with immediately, we automatically shy away since it is just too much to bear, especially if most of these thoughts are negative in nature.  At this point you will want to try and focus on one or two of the marbles, imagine that those ones are a different colour if this helps.  These marbles will signify the first thoughts that come to you, or at least a unfulfilled task that is bothering you because it has not been completed yet.

Everything that causes us conflict or is left unresolved, even the smallest things, are placed in the bowl until a resolution can be found.  The fuller the bowl is, the more overwhelmed we become when presented with problems in day to day life.  Take those one or two marbles now and spend today trying only to focus on getting those tasks fulfilled or the problem resolved, because once the issues is fixed then you can throw the marble away.  The emptier your bowl becomes, the more room you will have to deal with the things that are thrown at you each day.

We can't fix a thousand things today but we can solve a few.  Take a few marbles out of the bowl each day and begin resolving your inner conflicts a little at a time.  In a few days or weeks you could empty out a lot of that bowl and I guarantee that relief will follow.  Don't let yourself be overwhelmed by a flood of 'marbles', take control and deal with them one at a time.  You won't be so overwhelmed and you will start moving forward.

As I said before, if you want better mental health you will have to work at it.  It is worth the work though.  It is similar to want to get in better shape physically.  You have to take steps and time working at consuming better foods, getting more exercise and working on specific areas that bother you the most about yourself, and find ways to live a healthier lifestyle.

Don't try a 'diet' by attempting to empty the bowl as quickly as you can, take the steps you need to resolve the problems and start living a healthier lifestyle from a mental health perspective.  If you only have a small amount of energy at your disposal each day, use most of it on yourself because you deserve to be healthier and feel better.  Once you start feeling better, life will get better and become easier each day.

I hope you can remove a few marbles today and find some relief for yourself.  Check out a few pages while you are here and let me know if my perspective at least gets you thinking about better mental health.
Be Well

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