Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Does Blogging/Journaling Help Our Mental Health

I came across this image during a search this morning and it created a new thought.  I am a strong believer in blogging or journaling for better mental health, but it does not mean that it is right for everyone, especially if you are simply someone who does not enjoy writing.  There are many ways to express our thoughts and different types work for different people.  As long as we have an outlet for unprocessed thoughts, we at least have a way to get them out of our clogged minds.

The other thing I pondered was, is writing good for everyone?  I believe it has the ability to be if done properly.  Simply expressing thoughts without insight first can get us into a lot of trouble.  If you are writing things down to keep for your own private viewing, this is wonderful.  You remove thoughts from your head, process them, and put them away.  Relief comes along with that even if you don't feel it immediately.  It can take a long time to clear out a very clogged mind, but with each processed thought comes relief.

The only issue I can think of is a fear of others reading what has been written.  This is the one negative I can view when considering introverted individuals.  Our thoughts are private, and they are ours alone!  If you are being plagued by your thoughts without any outlet, you continue to amass suffering.  If you are writing and want your thoughts kept private, then by all means do so.  Just make sure you are at least using some sort of positive outlet for processing inner conflict.

I am somewhat introverted yet I believe that sharing our thoughts can be a very beneficial thing.  I have used it many times in the past and each time it provided mental relief over time.  I challenged myself to start writing again when I felt I could not anymore, due to exhaustion from physical issues. I challenged myself to write everyday for a month, and force myself to start processing thoughts properly again.  I have succeed in processing over 60 new thought processes and I will tell you that I am much more mentally strong than I was a month ago.

I decided to share my daily thoughts with two intentions.  One was to help others who are struggling similarly gain some understanding of their own their own mental processes, and aid you on your journey in resolving your own inner conflicts.  The other was in an effort of self-care.  This one was more important because you can't help others if you don't help yourself first.  I knew that resolving a bunch of inner conflicts and writing them down would ease my suffering as well, because it has worked before.

I am thinking much more clearly than I was a month ago.  I hope that others have tried it and are feeling some relief as well.  If you want to join our blogging team, all are welcome.  I will be happy to provide you with some tips and tricks to get set up easily.  Comment or email me with any questions and I will do my best to provide quick answers.

Blogging does help our mental health, just be cognitive of the possible drawbacks or privacy issues.  Writing will help you to process thoughts in a meaningful way.  Give it a try!

Be Well and Mindful today!

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