Saturday, November 19, 2016

Do Or Do Not, There Is No Try!

Wisdom can be found just about anywhere if we look for it.  Yoda was one of the wiser figures we have had in the movies over the years, and the statement above is quite profound.  Anyone can try things, but until we commit ourselves to action, trying is all we are doing.  Trying is the beginning of doing, yet there is something in the middle that we should focus on, our intent.

Intent is a choice of free will that all humans share.  Our intent could feel natural or it could be a choice in how we perceive any situation.  When we look at any task or problem, we can choose to make an attempt at repairs or action, or we choose to plan and work the task through to completion. Trying is more like considering the issues, whereas doing includes the steps to getting something done.  Trying is intent, but doing is intent with action.

I have talked about working on our mental health issues one symptom at a time.  I share this method because of its simplicity, but also because it works.  We can have a good attitude with good intent, but if all we can see is our problems as a whole, our intent to 'try' lessens.  When we view one symptom at a time it is much easier to commit to action because we are taking a realistic approach.  Our intent can move us forward and 'do' something about the symptom or problem.

You will continue to spiral downwards if you can't commit your good intent to action.  If you continue to self reflect and look at your own issues as a whole, your intent will weaken and trying won't even seem possible.  Simply take symptoms as they arise, and do something about it.  Don't try, just do something, anything!

The more often you challenge your symptoms and take action, the easier it will become, and the stronger and more confident you will be.  Don't 'try' to take on to much at once.  'Do' one thing at a time and I guarantee you will start finding successes.  They may seem small at first but baby steps lead to giant leaps.

No matter which invisible illness you are suffering from, taking small steps will lead you in the right direction.  Work on yourself by taking action and 'doing' anything it takes to improve your situation. "Do or do not, there is no try!"

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