Monday, November 7, 2016

Common Sense Approach to Mental Health

As I do my own reflection each day I realize new lessons for myself.  I am a constant learner and it keeps me moving forward in my own life each day.  I read and research many different topics every day, but the real learning comes from my own reasoning.  You will hear the term 'knowledge is power', and to a degree it is correct.  Books are full of knowledge, yet without a purpose for that knowledge, the words contain now power at all.  The power comes from how we use those words!

Each day I try to take a 'common sense' approach to mental health issues and to life itself.  I write each day to share my reasoning with others in the hope that it will spark something in you that creates your own positive change.  I certainly do not think that I know everything and I actually quite humble if you were to meet me in person.  I have so much learn while I am here and this quest for knowledge drives me each day to find power in it.  This is the quest for Wisdom.

Anyone can memorize things and reiterate the words of others, and these people can be very knowledgeable.  Knowledge is simply information, and the information is useless until it becomes practiced and turned into wisdom.  Wisdom is power.  Wisdom is the common sense we are all searching for.  Understand knowledge, understand yourself.  Take a common sense approach to your inner self and build on your strengths.

In my reading over the past many years I have read many self-help books.  Some of them are written by gurus and religious groups while others are written by those who have experience things and want to share their story, often in the hopes that they can help ease the suffering of others.  Self-help is a new generation of marketing.  Everyone wants to share their stories and what they have learned, and you cannot go into a bookstore without finding dozens of books that claim they will help you succeed and be a better you.

We read quotes every day by important people on our social media platforms, and it seems there is a page for every possible path to peace or enlightenment.  While much of this information you read can be very helpful, be sure to think about what you are reading and how it helps you be a better you.  Anyone can find the path to peace or enlightenment, but we need to remember that their path is their own.  There may be things that happen along their path that will help others stay on theirs, but your path is yours alone.

Whatever information you read, make sure you are using your own common sense and reasoning skills to ask questions about it.  Is the information helpful to your path?  Does it fit into your path to peace?  Is the information conducive to your goals and values?  There are hundreds of questions you could ask yourself, so ask them.  If you don't take a common sense approach to your own peace and contentment, who will?

I can tell you what the path to enlightenment or peace is, I can only help you to find your way back onto your own path.  Those wonderful inspiring quotes that you read can help you to find your way back as well.  We have our own personal path to peace, and if you are searching for contentment, you will find it there.  It is there, you just need to keep searching for it.  The more you search from within, the closer you will get.

React well to your day and stay on your path, don't let the chaotic world around you push you off of it.  Calm your inner self and be proud of your actions today rather than letting the negativity pull you back into the chaos and disorder.  You will begin to relax while gain strength and confidence in yourself.  And please don't forget to stop and take a few deeps breaths when you can; this can change a bad day into a good day very quickly.

Be Well

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