Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Blogging Our Way To Peace

Why does writing/blogging help to promote better mental health?  As I struggle through my own inner conflicts, I find that some days there are an abundance of ideas flowing from my mind, but on the days when things are much more calm I try to focus on the 'feeling' side of my body.  It is easy to reason out problems in our brain if we work hard enough at it, but understanding the unprovoked feelings that come along with mental health issues is a different story.

Writing the past few weeks has helped me to resolve many thoughts that I needed to process, and although this has provided me with much relief mentally, I find that there are 'feelings' and 'emotions' that rise up within without me calling on them.  If you suffer from anxiety at all you will know the physical distress that often starts in the abdomen area and can overwhelm you if left uncontrolled.

When the mind is calm there is room in there to focus on these feelings and determine where they are coming from, and what is causing them.  I find that with this new focus, I am able to identify the inner conflicts that I have still yet to resolve.  You will find that many of these overwhelming feelings you get are due to very personal situations that we don't often like to share with others, and therefore the thoughts and feelings remain unprocessed in the secrecy of our minds.

This is where blogging and journaling can really help.  These are the things we would write in our diary because we want to keep them for ourselves and will only share with someone we have complete trust for, and at the moment that may only be ourselves.  When you write the thoughts and feelings down it gives your mind a chance to process the conflict and provide you with answers to resolving it.

If you are suffering from mental health issues right now like anxiety, depression, ADHD, or a maybe a mood disorder, I suggest you begin by processing unresolved thoughts first.  Reason can be use to solve conflicts that we understand and can make sense of, and the more of these thoughts you can resolve for yourself, the emptier you busier mind will become.  Don't try to face the feelings and emotions until there is room in your head to do so.

Feelings and emotions are much more powerful and can easily overwhelm us.  Quiet the mind first and then work at the uncontrolled emotions a little at a time until you build your inner strength up.
If you want to improve your state of mind, you simply need to get started.  Don't focus on the emotions, focus on the negative thoughts that are plaguing you first.

Some of those thoughts could be simple tasks you need to complete but have been procrastinating because you are overwhelmed by the mass of it.  Pick one or two tasks and complete them.  Make sure you make not of how you feel once the tasks are completed.  This feeling may feel conflicted but focus on it so you know what it feels like to have a successful moment in your day.  As you complete more tasks and process more unresolved thoughts you will feel that successful feeling more often.

Build on that feeling so you can grow from a strength within you.  Resolve your weaknesses by removing negative thoughts and build your strengths by providing solutions in your life.  Use that strength to build your self esteem and confidence so you can once again be in control of your thoughts, feelings, and your life.  Happiness is a choice, but it is not an easy one.

Choose to be happy for you, and resolve the things within yourself that are blocking you from being happy.  Don't settle for mediocrity, you deserve peace and contentment, so take it for yourself.  Start writing and get some of those thoughts out of your head.  Less conflict means more peace.  They go hand in hand.

Have a wonderful day!
Be Well

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