Friday, December 2, 2016

Blogging For Better Mental Health

Blogging or journaling can be great ways to reduce stress and calm your mind, as opposed to when we are reading.  Although reading can be a very relaxing activity, it can add information to a mind which is already full.  Blogging or journaling on the other hand helps you to take the thoughts down from your mind and put them in front of you.  As you are writing you will begin to empty thoughts from a likely busy brain.

People have been keeping diaries and journals since the beginning of time and they can be essential to our mental health.  Maybe you are able to share and trust another that you prefer to share yours thoughts with, but for the many of individuals that are social isolated, this can be the outlet you are looking for to ease your busy mind.

I am working on having a couple of individuals start their own blog so they can begin writing every day.  My first purpose is to help them improve their state of mind and become more content in their lives.  My second purpose is to monitor the process and see if, and how much it truly helps the state of mind.  I do this for my own mental health because I have many ideas that I can't let go of until I work them out for myself.  Mental relief follows every time.

We use one part of our brain to form and write our words, but another part to read and absorb what we have written.  Writing our thoughts helps us to work out our inner conflicts inside of a physical platform.  Writing down your thoughts is similar to taking marbles out of the bowl like in my previous article.

I write each day for several reasons.  I like to help others and feel that the common sense approach that I use is hopefully helpful to those I share with.  I have helped many others one on one so I am hoping this platform will do the same.  I also write for my own mental well being.  I have a barrage of thoughts going on in my head at times just like you do, and working them out in a common sense style helps me to remove a lot of the clutter in my brain.

If I feel I have been rational in my thinking, then I publish the article in the hopes that my own successful step will offer you the possibility of the same success.  You are smart and can rationalize things any time you try.  Give it a shot and see what happens.  It has been a successful tool for many and can be for you.

Peace to all

p.s.  Two new blogs have been added to the right of this page.  Check out their writings over the next few days by clicking on their links under New Blogs.  Hear real stories from real people!

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